Nerf Ball Hero!

Just a Shield Bash or Flashbang and Ball stops to roll :smiley:


Ball hero still unplayable, despite patch! :open_mouth:

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Rolling doesn’t belong in an FPS game!

lul you crybabies just need to learn to play counters. or you could just click its head, i heard it’s verry effective lolol

Confused whether Rikchikchik astutely contributed to this thread’s humour with damn fine words, or is a toxic imbecile that didn’t get it?

I will settle for lack of social grace with attempt at humour with good idea but poor implementation (due to aforementioned lack of social graces)

anyhow rolling stone is totally OP and combine very well with Lucio’s DJ stuff, me think! :stuck_out_tongue:

We agree. Lucio’s pickrate in Lucioball is very concerning to us.


The great saint Kaplan responded…

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you got me

jeff strikes again

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I don’t even play bastion but could you please look at this post Mr. Kaplan, sorry if my post is off topic.


Its fine his win % is always 50 he is totally balanced.


Thank you for forwarding my post… :kissing_cat:

I made it after reading Jeffs latest posts, actually…

I just felt (And still kinda do feel) ignored by the ones that can actually make changes…

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Hey jeff.

What about pharahmercy on ps4?

Pharah (pharahmercy) is the top one dps on gm and master. Is really unfun and stress to play against this duo. (This problem only exist on higher ranks)

We dont have many good widowmakers to counter this duo.

Counter pharahmercy on console is a lot harder than play this duo. Is fair?


if its another anti dive characters im going ROTFL at the tracer and genji mains calling for their deletion like they did moira and brig

A joke and also a potential hint to a new mode for Summer games?


Off-topic : Speaking of lucio will we ever again see an ana lucio combo viable duo? With all the damage boost gaining importance in bunker , Dive and deathball they just don’t work together or even alone much. I get it you guys don’t want to revert old lucio range or nano boost speed back but anything else to let them have a synergy? Lucio Ana is so fun

On Topic : Why not let Ana , Rein, soldier 76 play? Its like your team is underestimating the elders of overwatch LET THEM FIGHT! I mean LET THEM PLAY!

Did Jeff just reveal the next hero is the ball in Lucioball?


nerf ballhero please, I can’t even shield bash it! brigitte now unplayable!

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This has gone seriously off topic!
Nerf discussion!
And ball hero of course!
I have been complaining about Ball Hero being OP for 27 years already! And I Wont Stop Now!!!

BallHero changes the meta to much.
Deathball meta is low skill high reward.

Remember season 3?! That was the best meta.


it’s balanced out by lucio being trash in normal game