Nepal Map doesn't load in. Please help us fix this

This is super serious. Whenever I enter a match, I get a massive MS spike and then it drops (as a result I have to wait more for the “select your heroes screen” to appear). This happens in EACH and EVERY map/match I enter.

BUT, when I try to enter Nepal, it makes me stuck forever in the loading screen with massive MS spikes constantly being there… Up to 238 down to 92 over and over without stop. I’ve tried to enter the map even in a custom game alone and it didn’t load in.

The real problem is: Why do I get MS spikes in the first place? These 3 last days is the first time they’ve appeared and really makes us me worried. Is it my fault? I’m I doing something wrong with the game?

I’d like to believe that there IS a solution for this problem… What If I had entered a comp game in the day I realized? How would that be fair (Nor only for me but for everyone in my team)?

We love Overwatch and we want to be able to play the game without these problems. That’s why we’re telling you all this. Thank you for reading and thank you in advance.

Definitely sounds like a connectivity issue. I’d try the troubleshooting steps from the stickies and then if you haven’t resolved it, post your WinMTR results here for us to look at. Use the </> icon.