Neogolanthas - Black Screen

I am also having that trouble. Can’t even submit to support my msinfo or dxdiag.


Moved you to your own thread. Did you try the steps in the link Ibarius posted in the other thread?

If not, that usually fixes that problem. If you’re trying to go to support you can submit your files at this link and try things there. Keep in mind you need to submit both your MSInfo and DXDiag in the file box - it’s not immediately apparent based on the form. We’ve got feedback in for this.

Alternately, we can try working on this here. If you want to do that, please generate a text copy of your DxDiag using these instructions. Once you have that made, open the file. Copy the code below, then copy/paste everything from that DXDiag file between the rows of tilde (~) marks where it says “DXDiag goes here.”

DXDiag goes here