Negative endorsements idea


All players should get 1 negative endorsement per 24 hour period that they can give out to other players. This would help out the quality in LFG games by letting players know who is and isn’t a team player.


Breaking Overwatch news, 5 stack of friends all give a negative endorsement to a random for queing with them


Jokes on them, literally no one cares about the endorsement system.


Endorsements are a joke. Play mainly comp with a buddy or 2? Good luck getting over lvl 2. Mainly play solo and no comp, near impossible to drop below 3.


Negative vote power will always have the potential for damaging abuse.


I don’t see this going well if approved. People already complain about false reports. This would worsen the issue.


Hey I’m in a game with a streamer.
negative endorsements intensify


this is almost as bad as the person who thought ffa winners should be locked out for winning


I can see the topics all lined up now, titled in various ways, all saying the same message: “Why only ONE Neg Endorsement? Increase it to UNLIMITED!!!”

Also, what is this supposed to do to the poor players who are slammed with too many of these in whatever arbitrary frame of a time? Decrease the number of credits they own? Obfuscate whatever they type in chat, like a universal version of the ggez filter? Make every hero they be play be forced to wear a rubber chicken hat?


ah yes, I always make sure to look at the endorsement level that literally decays for leaving an arcade game to decide whether they will be a useful asset to the team.


They’re not entirely useless. At level 3, most of the teams I’m matched with in QP are actually trying to win… and are pleasant to be around.


I play exclusively on a duo or trio, and I’m constantly jumping between 3 and 4.


And by the looks of it, not much comp. On this account I also usually play in a trio and bounce between 3 and 4, while usually picking dps. But I only really play ctf these days on this account. People are much more likely to endorse in qp and arcade than comp, especially if you lose.


Negative endorsements for the first Symm/Widow/Whatever of the day. No thought, just knee jerk reaction.

That’s what the game needs. Yup.


I play mostly comp, except for the weekly arcade grind.

I don’t play often, but since endorsements decay per match, and not over time, it’s not an issue.


Well after looking at overbuff a bit. Assuming you are doing the weekly arcade grind as you say, assuming 50% win rate that would be 18 games a week, but lets just assume you win more and say 15. Its been 6 weeks since comp season started, so 15(6)=90. Then 35 ish wins in qp since season started, lets assume once again u win a bit more than half, so lets call that 60 games. Now we are at 150 games from arcade and qp, assuming youre not playing arcade after you get enough wins. 150 vs your 35 comp games played. I wouldnt call that mainly comp and find it very reasonable to be between 3 and 4 all the time.

Sure its not impossible for ppl who almost only play comp to get over lvl 2, its just less likely than other modes.


If you are looking at recent data weeks, I was focusing more on QP because of XP farm for the event during the double XP weekend.

And you didn’t needed to scrutinize my profile to simple arrive at this conclusion. I might be an exception to the rule, or you might be the exception to the rule.


Well by looking at your profile youre not, since only like 1/5th of ur games were comp, that is not mainly comp. This season anyways.


Nah there’s enough negativity in game, there shouldn’t be ANYTHING even close to this ever added. Imagine being an off meta main with this feature in the game.