Need more stuns in this game

same problem:
no stuns → free mobility


but if we tone down mobility it could be fine

No more stuns supports need to keep dying had infinite peel in 1 and got coddled by it now suffer like everyone else and experience respawn.

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No stun no fun!
No No No No No no


I understand that by adding in new heros we will occasionally get more sources of hard CC but hopefully the devs steer clear of it as much as possible. If the game starts trending in that direction at any point I’m hanging up OW2.

The only thing that annoyed me more in OW1 besides tank synergies dictating comps was the amount of stun that existed. I’d rather be constantly dunked on because my team cannot pin down a mobility character than get stunned more than exists atm.


game needs stun back due to high mobility heroes, repear is a big issue… i don’t know how many games we are comfortably controlling for their team to pick reaper and then just own… it stupid that one hero can dictate a match. he just presses W and left click and kills. a 2 year old can do that… then he can wraith around and then ult… its stupid. i used to play brig and own him. now she has no cc its makes dealing with him harder. yo have other players say will head shot him. for one yo have to have good players on your team that can aim. if they cant you are screwed. bring back cc!!! then I can own reaper again!!!


That’s a regression on the formula and not an improvement. If the goal is to balance mobility then the mobility in question should be looked into. If the goal is to make things less stressful/allow more dueling possibilities for supports then Supports should get buffed with mobility and utility. etc. Hard CC should never be the go to solution for other problems because of how huge an impact it has on the rest of the game.

You’re just getting diffed. Reaper is not a hard character to play into.

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I do have an idea regarding Brigitte getting her stun back, but only affects heroes that do not have blue (shield-like health) or yellow health (armor), not sure what green health is or what it stands for.

For example, if Brigitte tries to stun a full health hero that has armor as part of the full health, then the stun will not occur but the damage from shield bash is still the same damage (unless armor health has some damage reduction benefit). This will keep high damage/high mobility heroes without shield or armor in check while creating plays where the brigitte and her team to try to reduce the enemy’s blue/yellow health to confirm a stun.

It will be great to get some criticism or ideas regarding how her stun can work as I plan to make a discussion post for people to discuss how Brigitte can work.

As for Doomfist, I just want to see Multirole Heroes where he can be Tank or DPS, but selecting him as DPS will prevent Tank player from selecting Doomfist as a Tank and same the other way around if Doomfist gets selected as a Tank then DPS cannot select Doomfist as a DPS. Other potential Multirole heroes can be Symm (DPS/Support), Hanzo (DPS/Support), and Kiriko (Support/DPS).


i non coordinated team cant, thats the problem!!!

Not that much has changed. You’re a fool if you don’t punish them while they’re in their ult, too. Reaper and Soldier aren’t unkillable in their ults, if you and your team focus them, they will die before you do.

You also likely had time to stop them before they did what they did, too. Reaper had clear intent of Q’ing when he wraithed in, you can knock him away when he popped ult. Also, shields didn’t just disappear, and stuns are still there, though admittedly, they are fewer in number. It is entirely up to you and your team to actually swap to counterplay if things aren’t panning out well.

You got spoiled being able to do minimal effort for huge counterplay value.

Yet another post demonstrating literal definition of skill issue, Plummleys. :+1:
Maybe you should invest some time in learning coordination.


Yeah but if we tone down mobility you end up making all movement based heroes boring.

Would rather have the challenge of having to dodge a stun than have my wallriding removed or put on a cooldown.


so repear can just use wraith in or teleport in and hit q… that’s no skill there to an unaware back line… dude that’s just plain stupid… at least brig can then cc with shield bash… but hey cant do that anymore… also minimal effort is exactly what a repear player is… no skill


Punishing your backline for not listening to audio cues and tunnelvisioning. Skill issue.
Until you learn to pay attention you will stay hardstuck in Bronze for a long time, Plummleys. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually learn something within the next “1000 hours” you put into Overwatch.

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lol 80% dont communicate so dont use that as an excuse… the player icon you have shows biased opinion


I just came here to say that I am sad they took away Brig’s stun.


Stun is literally the worst mechanic ever introduced into gaming.


Plummleys, I stated this in your thread where you complained about losing to Reaper as Pharah that I do not only play Reaper. Reaper is a gag I’ve kept up with since 2018. In fact, lately I’ve put just as much time into Pharah, Junk, Soldier, Genji, Zenyatta, and other characters as I have into Reaper. I deeply care about game balance, but you care only about doing minimal effort. Those “80% of people” (source?) will be stuck below masters for the rest of their days.


but you know who would not like that? Heroes without mobility

Plus chain CC, thats one of the main reasons why playing tanks was so bad in ow1

It’s the new “overhealth”; I think effectively it’s just more white HP, but pretty much any and all HP giving abilities have been replaced with this, like Rally, Sound Barrier, Overload, even Doom’s passive.

Doom’s seem different, would call that one as adaptive health (should just be armor that expires in 10 seconds)… But yeah u right.