Need a carry (I play support)

Hi! I’m a girl looking for someone who wants to help me climb out of plat. It’s have been 5 seasons that I almost reached my goal but when I get closer I instantly drop to gold and then climb again. A lot of people say that I’m a very good healer, but I think the problem is that I have really bad fortune in matchmaking. I like this game and I dedicate a lot of hours and effort in playing and improving more and more. I never wanted that someone would carry me because I want to reach my goal by my own but at this point I lost all hope.
I would be very happy if someone will help me. Thanks.



You are essentially trying to get someone to boost you. That is against ToS.

Being a girl means what exactly? Would it be different if you were a guy?

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I’m not trying to find someone to boost be, I just need some help. But yeah, for a lot of people girl=boosted. I posted this to search people, not to be judged and get this kind of comments.

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Then you ask if anyone wants to group up and play.

You might not think so but you are blatantly asking for someone to boost you in your op.

If you are worthy of diamond, you will get there. If you need someone to “carry” you there then you don’t really belong there?

Find friends, group up and play with the objective of getting to diamond.

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Asd me on overwatch my name is shadowstorm and add my other account shadowashe12 I’ll cary u

I’m not finding you.

Hi i can help you whats your psn ?

My PSN is Daenerys__Snow_

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Awesome okay my psn is Italian_GiRLxo i sent you request.

Add my
battle tag Slxpi#1145
or my psn Mr-Quack-III
i play rein and off tank

I’ll play with you!!!