Need 3 more players for competitive

Me and my buddy have been playing pretty solid the last two weeks playing a few hours at night. So we’re looking for 3 more players to make a team that can all play at the same time. My main is mercy and my best game I had 25,683 healing, 56 assists, and some kills in competitive. His mains are Orisa, Junkerqueen, Winston and is dabbling in reaper. If you want to join hit me up and we’ll see how we all play.

I could join you guys sometime. PSN: Seby_Seby__ battlenet : Sebyseby#1763

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Added ya, who do you normally play as out of curiosity?

Can I join
I play most tanks and dps
My psn is cv_striker
Battle net is wildpant#11714

Been playing supports, sometimes tank

Added ya brother, hope to play soon

Add me. Im good Support and silver tank and dps right now. I need to run with guys to get past this. is Ven0m0wnS#1213