Nearly a whole month without a Dev post in General Discussion

You dont get it do you? Ws didnt fixed nothing nor saved the game like people think it does…

People still will get bored of this custom gamemode 2.0 less than a month i’ll swear it to ya…
Same thing happened with lfg system in 2 weeks.
And it still takes more than 2 WEEKS till workshop comes to LIVE servers.

Also you cant really create new looking heroes cause they doesnt look different at all. You can just re-use old heroes & their abilitys…
Plus you can only do ‘‘so much’’ with this workshop.

One was made yesterday i think by Scott Mercer a big part of the ow dev team so yeah this post is false.

It saved it for me. I’m having a blast on PTR.

I’ve been building new heroes, and, I’m working on a way to modify maps (it is a bit of a hack, but, I have moving platforms which people can stand on) - soon I will have my hard light architect version of Symm working, where people can do fortnite like stuff with her.

If you think it will be so useless, why are you complaining that it will take time to get to the regular servers?

You have to reuse old heroes looks, but you can build completely new abilities.

so very much…

Title is more accurate now. Cool.

I’m not surprised, with how this forum speaks to them.

Workshop on console thursday or riot.

And that tense is only created because of their silence.

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Considering that the Workshop can definitely crash the game client right now, and may pose a risk of crashing servers as well, testing it seems like a reasonable course of action.

aaaaaaand… now it’s a month