Nearly a whole month without a Dev post in General Discussion

Only in general
PTR has been pretty active with dev stuff


when they put PTR on console i’ll be all over that


Yeahhhhh about that…
Not everyone uses that thing even theyre on pc…

People can just watch streamers if they want to see the new stuff than download the extremely large ‘‘content’’ which takes more useless space from your computer…

And by active you mean is workshop what is custom gamemode 2.0 & where you cant even create new heroes, maps, skins, etc?

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Yeah, they could have thrown us a bone by giving us the Talon Soldiers as blank slates for us to customize using the guns/ammo/passives/Ults and Abilities. Map Maker would be sweet too.

Yes. But you know what the more funnier thing with this is??

We cant have workshop still in more than 2 weeks cause they need to ‘‘test’’ that everything is ‘‘working’’ on it just like they do with every update…
Instead of like just waiting 1 week & then releases their things on live servers so people doesnt get bored of it or searches everything what you can do on it btw.

Eventually same thing will happen to workshop than what happened to lfg system… I already can see it.

Yesterday Scott Mercer posted news about changes for Competitive for Season 16.

Oh yes, “you have to watch out for the one per cent” I suppose

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I am just point out the devs are alive.

Grandmasters, being the 1 per cent.

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I know. I am just saying that there has been more activity than your post is lead to believe.

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no big names though. The big names being ones that start with J and G.

I consider Scott Mercer equally important as part of their senior staff, he is the one in charge of Competitive, Community Behavior systems, and the general game structure. He doesn’t post a whole lot unless there are major changes like the one he just listed.


Overwatch is like $20 on sale. I’d suggest that all Console players get a PC account just to test PTR. I had one for like a year before I actually made the jump and switched to PC.

Yeah. A PC is a wee bit more expensive than that.

But most people have a latop that can run the game at like super low fps to at least try the changes

Patience young padawan

I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, but it must be said; Overwatch should be able to run on Macs. I know they’re not made for this type of tasks, but at least the PTR one…

You can create new heroes, but heavily modifying old ones.

I think the workshop thing will be a MASSIVE hit once it hits live.


There was some stuff in the ptr forums last week

Never mind been said already

You dont get it do you? Ws didnt fixed nothing nor saved the game like people think it does…

People still will get bored of this custom gamemode 2.0 less than a month i’ll swear it to ya…
Same thing happened with lfg system in 2 weeks.
And it still takes more than 2 WEEKS till workshop comes to LIVE servers.

Also you cant really create new looking heroes cause they doesnt look different at all. You can just re-use old heroes & their abilitys…
Plus you can only do ‘‘so much’’ with this workshop.