Nearest Walkable Position in HUD

The HUD is not computing “Nearest Walkable Position” consistently.

This workshop code shows how the values are registered for:

  • Nearest Walkable Position(Eye Position Of(Event Player))
  • Nearest Walkable Position(Position Of(Event Player))
  • Nearest Walkable Position(Event Player)

On the left, the values are directly computed when updating the HUD.
On the right, the values are updated in a loop and stored in a variable, and that value in the variable is displayed in the HUD.
In the middle, the arguments given to Nearest Walkable Position are displayed. It also displays the position if a ray is cast from the player to down 10 units to get the floor contact point.

Not sure if this is exclusive to this function, but the HUD is not generating a value even though a value can be computed into a variable.

Not shown, but if you remove the custom strings I used to label everything, the values that are reported as ‘0’ are instead not displayed at all, so it might be that these functions are reporting ‘Null’ when calculated in the HUD reevaluation.

We’ve fixed this on our end, along with the bug that caused Nearest Walkable Position to fail near the statue on Chateau. We hope to push this to PTR some time this week. Thanks for the report!