Near DC in comp and reconnected

Ayo! So i was playing Open Q today and was on Volskaya. Within minute or so, a teammate on their team left. I started to lag out bad so I decided to restart my game so my team wouldn’t have to wait for me to DC and reconnect. It took about a minute and I then reconnected before the first round was even finished. We had 3-4 minutes left and I played the rest of that game no issue. I then okay in the rest of the second round until the game closed due to everyone on the enemy team leaving. I got a penalty and lost 50SR. I had 3 gold medals popped several ults so I was actively participating. It honestly makes no sense to me. I can understand not reconnecting for some time or not reconnecting at all, but I came back started from scratch and still lost 50SR. Sadge.

If you fail to return to the match within 2 minutes from after you leave, you will still receive the penalty and match loss, regardless of the result of the match. Details about this policy can be found here: