Naomi& Hal Emmerich

Naomi and Hal Emmerich story is needed. Its off topic, i just want to see who knows.

(FYI ow2 wont be better)

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Whats your point? Sounds like a cry for attention in constantly saying that it wont be better and that you wont be on board. If thats the case, why continue wasting time in forums on it. Your wasting your time in here, complaining. What is it that you’re wanting? If you are done with the game, be done! Quit prolonging your cope process like Cuthbert. Sounds like Metal Gear is your game instead


Shhhhhhh. Just enjoy the post

of course it wont, actimeme bli$$ard is a pathetic clownfest lazy greedy company that only cares about selling useless garbage and couldnt care less about state of the game they seemingly destroyed, not the first one and not the last one, wish they just stopped existing and all of their top management got perma banned from having any top tier positions that involve being responsible and evolving any products

Rockstar should make their own version of OW