[NA] Looking for a 6-stack to practice or play with (Gold or Platinum)

You can add me on shale#11671

I’ve heard that 6 stacking is a completely different experience in Overwatch as opposed to playing with random people. I want to see for myself.

My goal isn’t primarily to climb rank, but to play Overwatch the way it’s meant to be played, to practice with a set team and try to improve my skills and game sense on each character.

I’ve been afraid of ranked for about a year and I figure this might help me take steps back into it.

For DPS or Tank, I estimate my skills to be around Gold level (based on the couple of times I got the courage to do my placements). As a tank, I have some hours on Rein and Winston but I’m willing to play others including off-tanks, and as DPS, I’m most comfortable on Pharah, Reaper, Soldier, and Symm, but I’m willing to try and play the entire roster (including more difficult heroes like Widow and Genji) if needed or if asked to.

For Support, I could probably play well in Platinum. I one-tricked Mercy in solo queue to mid Diamond (I was Masters and GM in early OW, but that was when Mercy was a completely different hero to play, so I don’t think it counts), but I want to give myself room to play other supports with people who will be patient with me and help me improve.

I can be available at any hour.

Pangea#11362 Mostly a DPS main can do offtank occasionally.

If you play late night (NA west coast 10pm and later) then I’d be up for some duo-ing. I’ve tried getting in to a regular 6-stack a few times and it never worked since if you just get a group of 6 randos from the internet together you don’t automatically have a team. Now, I prefer to duo.

Currently looking for a duo to tryhard in open queue with, but in general, I’d love to find someone of similar skill to me to play with regularly (e.g. every night), with coordinated plays and coordinated hero selection, using mic.

Your hero pool seems a good match to mine – for example:

  • For your mercy, I play echo or ashe.
  • For your winston, I play sombra, or echo, or zarya.
  • For your rein, I play zarya.

LMK if you’re interested in giving this a try.

I play NA west coast also. Feel free to toss me an invite beast#1366 - bnet and beast#4543 - discord

Mercy Main also play Lucio and Moira when needed.
For tanks I’m good with Rein and Hog and make a decent Zarya
DPS my best are reaper, soldier and sym.