[Na East ] Plat Main tank looking for team

Hello ! I am a platinum level main tank that is really interested in joining an esport organization!
I will start by introducing myself:

My name is Simon, I’m 17 years old and I live in Quebec. I play Overwatch since season 3. I have 2 level 300+ account, 1 of which I do not use anymore. I play mainly Winston (150h +). I’m pretty good with Reinhart (60h +) and Orisa (45h +)! If ask I can play DVA and Hog. For the better of the team Zarya would not be a good choice to make me play. I need more practice on her . I am available every evening and in the weekend for practice, scrims and tournaments.

For my play style , I refer a lot to my favorite tank and overwatch player: xQc! Which means I communicate a lot to lead (Shot caller ) the team and I’m pretty aggressive with Winston and Reinhart. I have everything I need: discord, a microphone, a good coo, a pleasure to play and compete ;).

I’d like to be part of a team to improve myself personally and as a member of a team and progress not only personally but as an organization! I do not have any experience in the Overwatch team but I have already been part of a scrims network . This is a golden opportunity for me to become better and to get experiences !
I hope you have enjoyed my application and looking forward to talking to you


Simon (SupremeQc)

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I have been running a team that has about 8 players right now. We do comp as well as community tournaments. If you see this add CheesyNinja#0766 on discord I would love to chat!