Mystery hero's is such a bad game comp mode

1st things first I wanna make this clear, I don’t care what game mode it is. If it is completive I will take it seriously. CTF, MH, lucio ball everything. I’m masters 3 right now on mystery hero’s and people not being in vc is just frustrating with having no comms it already feels awful but it feels even worse when I go against a 5 stack 3 times in a row with my team going against solos or a duo who just doesn’t join vc. Going against 5 stacks and people not joining vc is already annoying but in those 3 games the other team Shockley got insane luck with them never getting dps and always getting either 3 tanks 2 healers or 2 tanks 3 healers. Its SO annoying when your team doesn’t get a single healer at all. Right now i would say the support class is busted and very over tuned. Idc what you say, you will not change my mind on that. but not having a support makes me just want 2 or maybe even 3 people just walking into the other team just to get a swap (dps only).

TLDR Its just annoying going solo going against a 5 stack, ppl not joining vc even in high master games, seeing 3 tanks 2 supports and having 3-4 dps. And of course Not having a support on your team

I think MH is very much decided by the algorithm. The best you can do is try to be useful but not die, a lot of the playerbase agrees. It doesn’t excuse people to throw, though. My rank sunk into diamond, had some super tough losses where people were straight up sit emoting in spawn. 0-7 scores all down the board.

they should add mystery teammates mode, where it is solo queue only.

What are your wait times to get into a Mystery Hero game?

Some days I am well over 15 minutes, some days well over 30 minutes (that’s if I have the patience to wait that long).

try over an hour…
I literally can not even get a game, one time I waited 2 hours and NOTHING!

Havent played in a bit but i was getting 3m queues in masters but its been awhile so now i scared to queue if thats what your getting