Mystery heroes suggestions.... from someone who only plays mystery heroes

So I’m not looking to argue with anyone, I’m just going to give some suggestions and feedback to the devs

I love mystery heroes and while I know it is supposed to be random, there is one point that I feel needs to be brought up that could improve on mystery heroes (which have may already been brought up).

No more mercy.
I know it seems absolutely ridiculous and pointless to say, but as someone who has experienced countless loses with a mercy carrying the other team or countless wins because we had a mercy, it seems unfair that something as broken as mercy should be allowed. The reason being so broken is because she breaks the randomness. When one hero (or 2) is literally stopping the other team and the said stopped team pulls together a suicide run to stop the winning team (say a double bastion or double orisa…double mei blocking the point A entrance to hanumura on defense) and finally you stop one or both, mercy flies in to res while everyone who just died in the suicide run gets a new hero and most of the time it isn’t their main OR doesn’t have the DPS to stop it again. Yes I understand this will never be changed, I’m just giving feedback regardless and it would balance out the game MUCH better. That or remove her res function which is more absurd than just removing her from mystery heroes…which is also absurd I know but hey worth a shot haha.

Competitive mystery heroes. Yes it seems stupid but as someone who was good with only 2 characters and is now very good with all but 2 or 3, I am dead serious about competitive mystery heroes. Maybe no mercy allowed in competitive mystery heroes :sunglasses: lol.
I’m sure there are others who would enjoy it as there are surely some others who play a lot of mystery heroes and would like something new. Competitive mystery would separate the casuals from the…competitives lol. Just a suggestion lol

Hope to see you in mystery heroes!


I prefer no duplicate heroes in this mode, but I think the devs didn’t think to rework this mode.


I only play mystery heroes too and I think the suggestions on this post are quite reasonable How to fix Mystery Heroes. In other words, it can’t just simply be “random” without any rules for spawning…

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Stacked heroes are just such a bad thing for MH, especially with how OP brig is in that mode.

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I completely agree, tired of getting Zarya, Winston, Mercy or Symmetra two or three times in a game. I’d have more fun if it didn’t give me nothing but tanks and healers all the time. Thought the game mode was supposed to have you try heroes at random, not the exact same 4-5 heroes every game.

I completely agree. No Mercy, no duplicates on the same team. I just got out of a game where the enemy team got 4 Syms (in addition to a Zen and Orisa). We killed one of the Syms, only for them to be given another Sym. There are enough characters that there shouldn’t be that many duplicates.

What is this constant necroing lol

I think they need to formulate an algorithm of how much ult charge you get when you return to game after a death, at the very least just give 50% ult charge if you reach a certain percentage. And I think we all agree that the hero selection sucks bad, 3 mercy’s…great. Just do a 2-2-2 at all times, resolved. this would be such an easy fix, and make the mode playable. And while ere at it wtf isnt there a role select mode in arcade?

Inb4 being necroed again next month


I think that there are 2 major problems with mystery heroes:
-Ultimates and hero stacking.
These along with the general problems in overwatch such as op heroes and 2cp make mystery heroes a miserable experience for the losing team, meanwhile the winning team and so happy with their win they won’t even realise the pain that the enemy had to go through dying over and over to kill that mercy just for another one to spawn the next fight.

Duplicate heroes means that extremely powerful comps can be built. A prominent example of This is a combination or Orisa, bastion and mercy. Sometimes it’s impossible to break these comps especially if there is a lot of shields or healing.

Ultimates are a cycle of horror for the losing team which never seems to stop. A fight is won and a team gets ult charge and the next fight can use this massive ult charge lead against he enemies zero ult charge to comfortably win fights over and over.


Add also, Bastion needs to be stricken from Mystery Heroes since toddlers can use him; there’s no reason any team should have 4 healers or 5 tanks or 3 bastions or 3 Mercys at any time.

They can fix this. I just feel it’s laziness at this point.

another push Any rework? No? Then thanks for sucking the rest of Fun out of this game…

Rez should reroll your hero in Mystery Heroes, but revive you on the spot.

I guess I’m the opposite. I play MH all the time as well, & I think it’s cool or even hilarious to have 2 or 3 Doom’s on my team at the same time. Of course we’ll get steamrolled, but the same thing could happen to the opponent on the next map. In my last MH game I & a teammate were running Baptiste, & I timed my IF & Reg burst right after his. Our team was constantly healed & immortal on the point lol. Easy win. This mode is the luck of the draw & your team just has to make it work somehow. That’s what makes it fun.

Not sure what kind of algorithm is running on MH but I used to see a good assortment of heroes and now if I play 15-20 games I’m lucky if I see a DPS at all. Not that I mind playing support or tank but seriously some games require a DPS and it just isn’t happening too frequently.