Mystery Heroes more duplicates?

Maybe I have some serious confirmation bias going on, but seems lately that every game I play now has 2-3 of the same heroes all the time. I don’t mean just once or twice during the match, but the entire length.

I have been playing MH for years now as my goto Arcade game, but I never really noticed duplicates this frequently. Am I crazy or anyone else noticing it too?


It’s always kind of been that way. Typically, you’ll notice it more if it negatively impacts you.

I also like to refer to that game mode by it’s proper name: Mystery Tilt


I only played recently because Summer event and yeah, tons of duplicate heroes. But I am not expert on how it has been.

It seems the same to me, although I did go up against 4 bastions yesterday lol.

Maybe its something like the “Birthday paradox?”

Basically when you get like 26 people in a room, there’s a 50% chance that two people will share a birthday? Overwatch has about 30 heroes so there’s a good chance that two players will share a hero.

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I get it all the time.
About 2 weeks ago we had Rein, Orisa, bastion x2, baptiste x2 on Kings row. We full held after the arch by the mega after getting rolled on the capture point, it was kinda gross lol

It might be that, but it does seem like it’s happening more frequently. The game that made me make this thread was one team having 2 Zaryas and 3 Sombras and the other having 2 Genjis.
I know there is those anomalies like where my team spawned with 5 Widowmakers and you are just like, “Hah,” but I feel like something is up.

I cant wait for the MH changes.
currently it could go by the name of misery heroes or something because its just really not fun occasionally.

the enemy team getting a bunker comp -_-

Is there changes coming?

My first game of the day:
https: //ibb. co/2Wyt9vj
Just seems like something is wrong.


this is the change btw.
so at the end of every round, everyone’s characters are reset.