Mystery heroes is unfun when its so out of your control

i UNDERSTAND it is mystery heroes, but spending 4 full minutes to get just 1 or 2 healers while the enemy spawns with 3 tanks/2 healers or 2-1-2 comp is so infuriating.
is it so insanely hard to just enforce 1 of each for initial spawning in? so there’s a chance?
ive been recording my games, im gm1/t60 and so far 40 of my 80 games have been fully determined by the game refusing to give my team a support.
blizzard has made exceptions in CTF where say, ball cant roll while carrying flag, dva cant use thrusters etc. why cant there be exceptions to enforce a very slight balance to the game.

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Since they are trying so hard by making our match quality as sh*tty as possible to make que times faster - i think decision to have this mode existing is completely retarded

Don’t play it lol it’s the point of the game mode to be out of your control


Yeah if role que rng is bad…i cant imagine enduring another form of rng that decides your winrate.

This mode doesnt interest me in the slightest as a competitive mode.

I think they did spawn supports on purpose. After playing mystery heroes comp for a while, I noticed that one match, all I spawned are supports, while other match, all I got are dps, and unless I died frequently, another match, most of what I got are tanks.

So I think the roles are rotational, just the heroes within said roles are mystery. This explained why my highest play time heroes are just supports and tanks since the dps roster has more variety.

Mind you, I can’t stay alive on certain supports since I keep getting focus hard, like Zen and Ana, but I still keep getting them.

why should i play anything that isnt 1v1 or ffa then? its a dumb counter argument

Honestly mystery heroes is not random at all, one game you’ll get the same few heroes over and over and never get a healer then the next game you’ll get healers all the time and not dps.

Honestly, if the matchmaker is bad, having the game pick a hero for you is not going to help that system at all.

I tried it for one game, got rolled, never tried it again.

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Remember this sentiment whenever someone inevitably brings-up the idea that random match-making would be better than the current system lol.

To get Symmetra in this mode means victory.

I don’t know why they didn’t choose role queue mystery heroes… you pick a role and then cycle through it. Current format is just bad and a literal coinflip.