Mystery Heroes: Hero Stacking


So you’re nodding in agreement that you’re wrong? I’m glad we cleared that up :+1:

Also just lol at the “random” button in QP idea. I’m sure that would go down well in the mode where people are constantly moaning about what other peoples picks are and absolutely wouldn’t get you a bunch of reports for “gameplay sabotage”

People play MH to AVOID the QP crowd and their moaning about team comps and it’s usually the QP crowd asking for silly things like “balancing MH” because they only care about getting the 9 wins for boxes and then go back to not touching it for a week


Stacking eliminates the fairness in a mode specifically about rng.

Hmmm… :thinking:


First and foremost I’m not in the QP crowd, I’m in the Arcade crowd.

Secondly we don’t need Mystery heroes attached to every mode, It’s clogging up rotations for other modes. You want Mystery Heroes Fine, Keep that one 6v6 Mystery hero mode, other than that, Yes random hero button is better.

Thirdly that yes nod was a retort to your Wrong


its not even a question about “fun” for me…it just doesnt work in the game mode…not without the ability to actively counter what the enemy is presenting…it literally decides most matches MH + Hero Stacking = Broken...any chance we get alternate version? (game log included) … ive kept game logs just to showcase this…

player skill should be what decides matches…a match should not be decided because all of a sudden with 10 seconds left the enemy team lucks into double moira and double dva (good luck with that one btw)…would there be hard comps without it? sure (pharmercy is rough, bastion/torb bunker is hard to deal with, etc)…its not like it would fix everything…but it would certainly help A LOT

couple of things:

  • im not saying get rid of it…im saying add an alternate mode (which even though im not a coder cant be THAT hard…hero duplicates slider: OFF - its how the game functions now…“that hero is selected already…you cant pick it”)…put em up at same time as a test…see which one gets played more and keep that one permanent

  • jeff has spoken about having an alternate mode before…its long overdue

  • jeff has also (during blizzcon this year) mentioned that he HATES no limits as a game mode…how it made its way into a mode that doesnt allow for switching is beyond me

  • and lastly and most importantly…because i see this retort all the time when this subject comes up…IT WOULD STILL BE QUITE RANDOM WITHOUT IT


This is WHY it is so popular. It the chill mode where people just play for fun cause everyone knows the RNG is important. So no one takes it too seriously

Every single other mode is open if you want to try hard


Lol No limits was Launch OW for a year almost. there was a full season on No limits comp, how can he hate what he created?


youd have to ask him…but thats what he said during his interview with fran during blizzcon (it mightve been someone else)

and why this thread exists…great if youre the one with it…terrible if youre on the opposite side…and frankly thats the type of thing that has led to blizz to erasing things (mass rez, scatter, etc) in the past…

and im not so sure that statement is entirely accurate either…youd have to poll people but i imagine its fun just because of the random you dont know who youre going to play as aspect…not necessarily the “oh…you know your team already won/lost part midway through the match becuase of what you just rolled” part


Then play one of the 10 other modes that aren’t about RNG


doesnt change the fact that the mode has a major issue and can be addressed and/or improved…its still my favorite game mode by far

and you can decrease the RNG and still have the mode be about RNG btw…


The things that are issue for you are why other people like it


hence the alternate mode i mentioned earlier…


I disagree with you so I’m not welcome. Got it. Closed minded people are so adorable.


Your sole contribution to this thread was to insult people who disagreed with a point you continued to make over and over. Me telling you to buzz off isn’t me being close minded, its calling you out for being rude.


RNG still gonna happen, the only difference is that you wont see multiple versions of a hero.
Its a bit more “logical” than the actual MH and less crazy. Arcade implies some crazy stuff happens so thats why they are not removing it for now (not even for testing).

MH now is RNG and “No limits” mashed up together. Its the only mode that has 2 modes on it, kinda weird.


Agree with your points.

The entire mode will still be RNG based with no hero stacking. I struggle to comprehend how people find being crushed by a stack of 2 mercys, 2 torbs, and 2 orisas fun. If I wanted to face that, and try and have a chance of beating that, I’d play NO LIMITS. In MH, you have no choice but to lose, especially when the game awards you heroes that have no chance against that comp.

Dealing with only 1 hero makes the games more fair and manageable.


Imo the most broken thing about this mode is you can get a game when half of the game you get no healers, then the enemy has ton of ult charge and you basictly can’t do anything even when you get one healer, and thus losing solely by rng, the most broken attribute in video games today.

Hero stacking will be ok if the other team have somthing around 2-2-2.


Eliminating hero stacking would inadvertently increase the odds of receiving a healer if you do not already have one. So fixing that would aid in having a better chance of rolling a healer.


Less rng is good, so if anything yeah that’s will be better.

But the major thing is you simply can’t win with comp which can’t heal the damage he takes.


You’re asking for fairness in a mode that is completely dominated by RNG?

Ok let’s say they do remove hero stacking. Next game you play you desperately need a hitscan for their Pharmercy etc but all your team is getting is heroes like Sym, Reaper, etc. Do you then ask for ‘‘quaranteed hitscans’’ for sake of fairness? What if enemy has a solid 2-2-2 perfect dream comp but you keep getting 6 dps? Etc. The unfairness will always excist in some form.

I don’t mind hero stacking, it’s part of the huge RNG the mode is. If you don’t like RNG why even play a mode based all around it?


Literally in the original post I say

I’m all for the RNG with a 1 hero limit, like every other game mode except No Limits, it’s not like this is some ridiculous concept. When certain heroes are stacked in MH, its a guaranteed win for the teams. There are ways to make MH fair, and still have it revolve around RNG.