Mystery Heroes: Hero Stacking

Can hero stacking in MH be eliminated please?

Every ridiculous loss is due to a stack of some absurd hero composition which eliminates ‘fairness’ in the mode.

I understand the appeal of the randomness, but do it with just 1 hero limit per team. None of this “guarantee one healer” bs that I see around. Just no stacking.


No. Play another mode if you want fairness.


Original argument is original


It’s by far the most popular mode the way it is. Most regulars like hero stacking. You get it on your team as much as the other team. They’re not changing it, so these threads are pretty worthless.

Remember, when you want something changed from the status quo, you have the burden of convincing people. Not the other way around.


I really don’t understand why you would want to keep mystery heroes the way it is. Currently the way it works is that the team that is lucky enough to get a functioning team composition wins.
There’s absolutely no skill involved. Simply luck of the draw which team wins. What is so fun about that?


Enough people here in the thread saying the same thing, with Jeff himself saying he understands why.

There’s no way to convince people like you, because you always say the same thing, just like how we’ll always say remove hero stacking.

Least they can do is try a mode, separate from MH which is “limited MH” with non-hero stacks.


You’re doing it wrong if you think that.


Complete randomness is the entire point of the mode. Anything that limits what heroes can pop up would make the mode meaningless. It’s about making the most of whatever crazy situation you’re in. That’s the whole appeal of the mode. I can also imagine the frustration people would feel when “Widow could blow this comp wide open but our Widow is terrible and runs away all the time so I’ll never get to be Widow since she’ll never take enough of a risk to ever die.”


There is only so much you can do without a proper team setup. There’s a reason why people lose comp games if they don’t get a healer or a tank. Not a lack of grouping up.


Fun fact: if you kill their healer they are unlikely to respawn as one. Plus any of your crappy heroes that die in the process have a chance to change to something better. You can’t compare to any other mode without a healer because it stays that way all game. In MH, team composition is dynamic and managing it through targeting is a huge part of the mode.


Let’s just agree to disagree then. I just don’t think it’s fun to lose because we have no healers during an entire game while the enemy team gets a dream team comp.


Cool. Don’t play it then.


You’re beating a dead horse here bud. Respond to my response to you, you’re never going to agree with what we say, so continuing to comment is useless, we heard you the first time.

Luckily, there is a sizeable number of people, as seen in the other thread, that support our view. Now buzz off.


No, just pick a hero at random hero in QP

You’re just as dense as the other guy, cool.


You have no control who your team will pick so it all random to you.

Then you can just pick a hero at random and there you go. You can even use a random number generator to pick for you. Random heroes with no stacking

Something needs to be done yup it’s getting annoying.
Also looping through the same characters like, you get Zarya, die, get Genji, die, reget Zarya… and it keeps happening your whole game session.


No, I find it to be much worse when one team has a perfect comp with no dupe heroes and it would be all to common a thing if they removed dupes and suck all the enjoyment out of it.

You don’t play MH for balance, you play for fun. Sometime you get screwed by RNG but it goes both ways because eventually you’ll get the “unbeatable combo” and stomp.

I’ve gone up against triple Zarya’s, triple Dva, triple Mercy and triple Brig. I’ve seen double Phar/Mercy and quad Hogs, triple Sym and double torb/double on defence And BEATEN THEM ALL (well not always lol)

Mystery Hero is all I play, so I’d appreciate it they didn’t break it by doing this, thanks :v:


I think hero stacking adds a fun layer to the game mode, but even if it got removed tomorrow, you’d still end up with some team comps that annihilate others, some that are perfectly chosen for the map they’re on, some where everyone gets one of their mains against a team full of people flailing on their worst heroes, a bunch of shields vs. weak shieldbreak, etc. etc.

There’s no way to make Mystery Heroes “fair,” because part of the fairness in Overwatch is the ability to meaningfully counterpick the enemy. Any time you don’t have control over your own comp, you run the risk of getting roflstomped by a team with better luck than you.

And it’s totally fine if that’s not your jam, but that means that no amount of changes to Mystery Hereos will make it your jam.