Mystery Hero Time Sink vs season rewards

I would love to play Mystery Heroes for the season competitive credits, HOWEVER, I currently have 10 of the 15 wins required, unlike other competitive rewards that simply require you to get bronze, silver, gold, etc, … Mystery Heroes requires you win 15 games, period. This of course is a bit counter intuitive since my average wait time is around 30 minutes to get a match, before I finally give up, and go play something else.

The utter inability to get a MH game is bad enough, setting the rewards for playing beyond getting a simply rank is adding insult to injury.

Blizzard, either fix the MH matchmaking, or fix the seasonal rewards for playing MH.


30 minutes?! Mine is 5 minutes for Dia on console.

PC gaming: Yeah… 30 plus minutes, I give up before I can ever get a game.

I have found however, if I can find someone to party up with, the que’ is between 5 and 10 minutes.