My version of Mercy 3.0


I know this has been done a gazillion times already, but here is my idea for a Mercy change that I feel deals with all of the more annoying reasons that Mercy was changed while still keeping rez in the game as an ultimate.

I think after a year of Mercy dominating the other supports it’s safe to say that the rework was a flop. (I love the devs and this game, but it’s my honest opinion. Sorry.) Her ultimate is a budget Supercharger with a side of Spectator mode. Rez is something that can have a big impact on a fight, yet it is an unearned ability. The single best thing about Mercy 2.0 was the unintended change to Guardian Angel that they decided to keep. The worst part is, I don’t think anyone is happy with the current state of Mercy.

Onto the reasons why Mercy was changed in the first place… Some players would hide to rez and/or abuse spawn to stay alive. Not only was this a cheap way of getting that rez off, but there was very little room to outplay the Mercy aside from finding her hiding spot. Not only this, but she could bring back her ENTIRE team. These were the reasons I heard over and over again for why people HATED Mercy.

Finally, what I think could have fixed Mercy without her breaking the game…
Mercy’s ultimate is Resurrect and it grants 1 instant rez. She still gets invulnerability with rez and it requires no LOS (although this could be changed). Mercy now has a charge meter similar to that of Zarya’s that moves up with healing/damage boosting and goes down when Mercy is not (when she dies or is not doing her job). This charge meter could grant Mercy a 2nd or 3rd rez when her ult is used. As in, she can rez up to 3 teammates at once if she has managed to stay alive in the fight. Mercy can then no longer hide and be rewarded with a mass rez, nor can she be rewarded for dying at the beginning of the fight and flying in at the last second. To balance the fact that she needs to stay alive in the fight, we keep the current guardian angel movement and have another movement ability on E. This ability would allow her to launch herself up into the air without using her GA cooldown.
I think those changes would make Mercy more like she used to be while rewarding Mercy for good play instead of cheesy play (hiding), and giving the enemy the ability to counter her super impactful ultimate. Her ult could still be super useful without making her a must pick. I think it would also be good because it would make Mercy more active in the fight as well as making Mercy a more skillful pick. She would need to use her movement, teammates, and game sense to stay alive and bring value, thus making the other supports viable in spite of rez.