My upgrade rank is reset

I have rank diamond 4 in support. After win match progress bar filled in 100% but rank still diamond 4 not advance to diamond 3. After next win match my rank still diamond 4 but progress bar start over again without upgrade rank. In next match voice chat stopped working. What is going on?

I have second time like that and again at support. Today I took screen shoots.
The best thing is that you can’t contact the help desk about what will happen next. I don’t see any point in playing this season.
The question is:

  • Will they refund the mmr points?
  • Will blizzard fix the bug and how long will it take?
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I am having the exact same issues on console. Any known causes?

Had the same issue just now. Seems it has occured several times for a lot of players since the new system was introduced and still hasn’t been fixed.

It’s doing the exact same thing to me. I ranked up to support silver 3 but my bar just resets causing me to never rank up to silver 3 ans staying on silver 4. It happened to me for several days in a row since the new ranking system came out.

Check out this one guys, hopefully we will get it big enough for devs to finally answer us