My thoughts on Reaper

That’s the problem, he was initially designed to be a flanker like tracer/genji, but his movement ability is trash.

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I think the problem with armor, isn’t damage, per-say, but that his healing is dependent on his damage, and cutting his healing in half, when dueling a beefy target in the middle of the enemy team pretty much destroys his chance of surviving said fight when against competent opponents

Blizz kinda lost his way with Reaper’s role.
They buffed him once to be a better tankbuster with his lifesteal, but does not really work.
In the dps/flanker-slot there is always an better option.

That’s why I’m saying they need to double down on one playstyle. Give him a temporary life steal boost to make him very sustainable in teamfights would make him pretty solid imo.

I agree on that.
They need to head in one direction.

One thing that bothers me is how he functions absolutely nothing like the way he portrayed in his appearances in any of the videos/trailers. He literally goes into Vape Cloud mode and floats around as a mist and then snaps peoples necks or blows a hole in their stomach and also moves faster in his cloud mode, but then in-game he is so much different in a bad way. His actual Wraith Form ability in-game is very situational and is rarely used how one would assume…it’s typically an awful idea to use it offensively to close gaps, but it’s also only mediocre as a defensive escape move because it seems so easy to just stalk him until his 3 seconds are up and kill him anyway. It is nice to use it to temporarily make an enemy whiff something on you and instantly reloading the shotguns is nice…but it feels like such an underwhelming ability overall.

I always thought about…what if Wraith Form just made him actually INVISIBLE for 3 seconds, on top of the damage immunity. It’s still just 3 seconds, but invisibility would make it way more viable for both offense and defense and playing some mind games with the enemy. As opposed to the sad situation when a Reaper pops it desperately to avoid dying, only to have someone simply follow you and kill you 3 seconds later.

I mean I’m just spitballing ideas. I don’t play Reaper, like, at all. But that should mean something when someone sticks up for a hero they never play. It means I am actively saying I want a hero to be more of a threat to me for the sake of improving the game overall and making the hero fun for those who actually main him. I’m a PS4 player and I play a lot of D.Va as well…and I’m in favor of the idea of a tank busting counter to one of my mains getting buffs. Reaper truly seems in that bad a shape to me. I almost never see him in my games and my main PS4 account is in GM, I also barely saw him on my way UP to GM, he got very rare once I hit diamond and I had to listen to arguments about him being a throw pick fairly often when someone on our team wanted to play him. The general opinion is usually “switch to Tracer/Soldier/Genji/whatever”.

I’d like to see him at least be as viable as Soldier.

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ReinMineStin: Personally, I disagree. Not that I actually don’t think this would be great, but on the merits that they just did this to Torb (buffing his brawling). So if they go all in on Reapers brawling, he will either overshadow Torb. Or Torb will still overshadow him. So I think the best way to give you reason to pick one or the other is buffing Reaper’s flanking capability. Give them different utility. Because if you buff Reaper’s brawling, even the separation of a turret utility won’t make him worth picking (probably).
So just buff shadowstep and give it more viability and utility - via instant tele, at least instant from his current location (make it take 1.5 to load in at the back end still). Initial intended use was to be a double edge sword type ability. Cast time so that you can’t immediately teleport on top of enemies or right next to because he could then ult instantaneously (when there were fewer CC abilities to deal with it). But on the other edge of that sword, it was intended to be able to let Reaper assassinate targets by teleporting just out of range. The problem being his yelling out for the world to hear. So lower that voiceline and the range it can be heard so that unless you are teleporting on top of an enemy they won’t hear you. Give him a smoke grenade ability on his alt fire and he’s a better flanker and different from all heroes in both flanking and brawling. A nice flank/brawl hybrid that works as intended would be really fun and would be seemingly what he was initially intended to be.

Those are my thoughts on the subject matter at least. As Torb on PTR is just a better Reaper with more utility, I wouldn’t want them to buff Reaper to just cause a seesaw: I’d hate for Torb to have little to no use, and I hate Reaper being in that position now. The problem, they have to actually find a way to make Reaper good at flanking without making him OP, as an overpowered Reaper would be hell to deal with


If we’re going the flanker route, I would suggest removing the voiceline entirely, maybe boosting the tele sound effect and giving him invuln frames until the tele is complete.

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I think those would all be healthy buffs in the right direction for shadowstep. Still might not be a top 15 ability in the game (never will be, which is fine), but it would go a long way for Reaper’s ability to not only brawl, but flank more effectively.
That combined with a smoke grenade (that would obscure enemy vision, enemy turrets can’t target through, sombra can’t hack through [still can EMP], enemy can’t see you or allie outlines through, yet you can still see theirs) would make him a viable flanker, with utility that also assists in more than just flanking. I.E. Choke points and fighting on the point

We found the plat roadhog player with almost zero time on reaper folks

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Also even though this is just from a lore perspective, I think it sucks that one of the iconic villain/anti-hero of the game is in the state he is currently in. He is pretty much the face of Talon, he is the Yin to Soldier’s Yang and I think he has an interesting character backstory which belies the initial edgelord Shadow the Hedgehog impression he gives off with his default skin. He is one of the characters I’m genuinely interested about learning more about if Blizzard ever decides to put more effort into the lore in the future.

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Plat is above average though, I don’t see where you’re getting at.

I am the odd man, have to agree with this as I think all Reaper needs is either a better E ability or make the animation appear like his Intro.

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Being slightly above avg doesent mean anything its still an elo full of “unique” players, people who are reasonably good at the game know reapers trash and you think hes actually good which is hilarious

It’s still above average regardless. I just do placements every season for gold weapons. I would rise to at least diamond like I was a few seasons ago if wanted to grind. Remember that ranking up is Skill + Time.

Reaper is fine. Comeback with a non-smurf with more than 5 mins on him.

uhh my guy. I’m a Rein main, and when I see Reaper I laugh, he does little damage to armour and has poor initiation. Reaper could definitely use some buffs.


:man_shrugging: i can’t convince a player who is so obviousily unskilled at the game and is so scared of reaper buffs LMFAO i mean you are just a quick play warrior, where unsuprisingly reapers literally the third least picked hero in qp, if youre actually managing to die to him as hog it seems like a personal problem

whatever dude, stay salty

Stay hardstuck in plat scared of one of the worst heroes in the game you dont even play, its really funny

There are always players who will claim a hero is fine, even if truly F tier (Which admittedly Reaper is not. That quality D tier though, namsayin’?). They just see players that can make him work, to an extent. When in reality, if that person had picked a different hero they’d be doing far better at the same role. Heroes tend to need buffs when everything they do can be overshadowed by another hero. Thus where Reaper stands.

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