My thoughts on 'Hero niches'

(Thoughts on ‘Hero niches’) I find it so strange that some heroes get almost nothing in terms of changes and just sit back having super low pickrates because it’s their ‘niche’ (Symm, Bastion, etc… and to an extent Moira, being held back by her ‘very little utility but makes up for it with heals niche’) But characters like Ana or Bap can provide the same if not better heals while providing copious amounts of utility. (Not saying they should ruin Ana/Bap like they have to other heroes, but it’s so strange to see Bastion, Symm, and Moira sitting there while… Ana buffs are suggested in Exp and Bastion and Symm receive next nothing and Moira is unchanged.)

What do you think?

(Another) What are Bap and Ana’s ‘niches’? Being good at healing and utility? I suppose Ana’s could be something like ‘Low movement, high heals, and utility’.