My phone number is "in use"

After waiting in queue for an ungodly amount of time after previously connecting my phone number on release day, it tells me it needs me to connect a phone number…again??? So I try, and it tells me my number is in use. Duh, it is in use by my account…this account. Hello???

The phone number requirement is being removed for OW1 owners tomorrow.

Will it? The game was supposed to be playable two days ago and we see how that is…

Is it really? :thinking: That could be useful.
For some of my friends. :neutral_face:


*And there was much Smurf rejoicing. *


Robin’s poor minstrels. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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We have made the decision to remove phone number requirements for a majority of existing Overwatch players. Any Overwatch player with a connected account, which includes all players who have played since June 9, 2021, will not have to provide a phone number to play. We are working to make this change and expect it to go live on Friday, October 7.