My Ow is buged on xbox, please help and fix


I have a bug where i have to press the b button twice ever time i did something.
If im in the main menu and press b, the hud will go away and only the main picture will be left.
If i was in the option menu or something else i have to press b twice to go back.
Same before the match start e.t.c

Also the hud dissapears sometimes in game, its horrible.

h ttp://

It buged after first round and i have to leave the game.

h ttp://

No hud.

Problem exist since 3-4 days.

(Lance Powell) #2

Hey there Maggi,

Can you navigate to Options > Controls > Miscellaneous and look at the keybinding for “Toggle UI”? The problem as you’ve described makes me think that was bound to B in inadvertently bound to this option. If that is the case, you can rebind B to crouch or whatever else you desire to resolve the problem you’ve described.


Yes it was the case :slight_smile: I didnt even know i can disable the hud and i dont know why it was bound to the b button yet. Strange but i changed it and all works fine again, thx.