My Overwatch keeps dropping frames

A few months ago my Overwatch randomly started dropping frames and I haven’t been able to solve it,and I have tried everything I could think of.Uninstalling Blizzard launcher and Overwatch,Moving Overwatch to a drive with more space,I have also tried putting my graphics down to the lowest it can possibly be,I also tried putting my frame rate cap to 60 and even then it would drop frames to around 20 Frames.This is only happening on Overwatch and not any other game.My specs are Nvidia Gtx 1060 with 16 Gb of Ram ,ans also 1Tb of Hard drive space.If someone could please tell me how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it.

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There is a forum for technical issues. On the bug report forum you aren’t that likely to get help as you can in the technical support forum.

Do you by chance use a Razer product and do you have Razer Synapse installed? If you do, you may want to remove Razer Synapse (there is a sticky about this in the technical support forum) completely because it is known to cause your FPS to drop considerably.

Same here, I have the 980m and use a laptop. It’s a fairly recent development for me, but mine leads to crashing. You should:
Check vents. (Remember, it’s the summer, heating problems will amplify.)
Make sure PC/Laptop is on max performance if plugged in.
Check if plugged in at all. (Computer will throttle CPU/GPU to maintain heat/power on battery, depending on your settings.)

I do have Razer Synapse I’ll try uninstalling it thank you.

Just making sure to give the link to the thread/post in question about this issue:

If the above doesn’t work, make sure all Chroma SDK (dll) files are removed from your computer.