My opinion on the Doomfist nerfs

Before i get into the nerfs, I would like to mention I’m a low GM Doomfist main, and i have been playing him since season 9, he is currently my most played hero over 2 accounts

Rising uppercut
At first i thought this was really bad for Doomfist, but after testing its ok. I personally don’t like being on the receiving end of Rising uppercut. I think it would be better if loss of air control was 1 second, rather than 0.6. But its ok.

Seismic Slam
The nerf was to force him to get closer to his enemy, and to make it harder to escape. Nerfing this from 20m down to 15m doesn’t really do much in the way of nerfing him. Allowing him to engage from a distance allows the enemy team to see him, and hear him meaning they have a quicker time to react. Forcing him to get closer counter acts the nerf.

Future PTR changes :

Seismic Slam

Continuing the discussion from Incoming PTR Changes:

This is by far the biggest nerf to Doomfist. At higher elos it will be even harder to secure a kill, I understand that its frustrating when you get knocked in the air, but because Doomfist has to get so close to his target he is incredibly easy to kill, even more so now.

Meteor Strike
I don’t mind this change. It gives the enemy a fighting chance, but Doomfist can still be effective with it. Before the change it was already easy to get out of, now it should be a little bit harder, but if you do you should survive

Non nerf related
Before the nerfs, Doomfist was already very easy to counter. It takes 1 hero to do so, even an Ana can counter him. in higher elos I, and some others would agree hes balanced. In lower elos maybe he can dominate because players may find it harder to land crucial game changing shots and abilities on him. Hopefully there is a middle ground where he can be good in all elos, because the current way this is going i don’t think Doomfist will be good, although I could be wrong.

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Not enough Doom nerfs honestly. They need to:

Reduce Uppercut’s height to a quarter of the current value
Reduce Uppercut damage from 50 to 10
Reduce Rocket Punch’s max travel distance to 1 meter
Reduce Rocket Punch’s damage to 10 + 5
Reduce movement speed in Meteor Strike to match Roadhog’s speed while ulting
Seismic slam now heals enemies

op af