My opinion on the changes:


Ana: Completly fine, But i feel she will need more, Maybe inestead of making her shots “MISS” full health targets we make all her shots pierce, meaning multiple targets can be shot by a single round if they are behind the other

Brigitte: Unecesary, a lot of whining come from the forums but she is balanced, the more you nerf bash, the worse she gets, The more you nerf bash, the easier it becomes for flankers to kite her arround, Especially for tracer, Before, when bash was 5s, Tracer only had 1 blink until she got bashed, After the 6s seconds, She had like 1.5 because at the 6th second she would have another one, but she would get stunned anyways due to her range, Now that she is at 7 though, Tracer gets2 blinks for free after brigitte misses a bash, Now genji only has 1 second of downtime on his dash, ignoring that he already gets resets of course

Moira: Its fine i guess… Not what we needed at all though, i dont think moira really needed any buffs, she was just heavily overshadowed by mercys capacity to resurrect, if we needed any buffs for her, i would say her ult make it either do a bit more damage or more healing, or both, her ult is kinda Meh atm

Lucio: Good change, but we could have done a bit better with reducing the decay rate, and also modify how his ult shields behave, as hammonds do not give ult charge to the enemy while beeing shot at, while lucios do,

Mercy: Usless nerf, This will not change what makes her good, She is still the most consitent healer and can delete a pick every 30 seconds, And she will still be top tier until we rework her again,


It’s Hog all over again.
And no, a Support that can 1v1 anyone she sees isn’t balanced. This is completely deserved.; change my mind.



She cant 1v1 everyone, thats a lie

this game isnt balanced arround 1v1s, no one cares about the “she can 1v1 anyone” argument

and people forget that she is also half tank, Shes no normal support she is a hybrid hero

in a 1v1 situation, while brigitte has an advantage at close range, the other one has ALL THE SPACE IN THE MAP to kite her arround


Yeah, all the space for her to block any incoming damage with her Shield.


Yes because her shield has infinite hp right

destroy it,

How do you kill reinhart? you destroy his shield, then shoot him,

at long range, assuming your inteligent enough to not let her get near you, brigitte has no self heal


Moira changes prob be interesting, her issue was also balancing between damage and heal as well as resource management.

With an increase in regen resource, Moira should be able to heal more with the team when they cross open areas.


Quite situational depending on the hero you’re playing.
McCree can take down the Barrier, as can Widow and Hanzo.
But then there’s other heroes who won’t do enough damage, and watch her charge towards them.


Brigitte should walk slower while her barrier is up, so they would still be able to out run her even if they had 0 mobility, eventually busting out the shield

also, this change will not make her any weaker at her so called “1v1 god” anyways,

she can have bash in a 50 second cooldown and if you get near her she will bash you and combo you, and its cooldown wouldnt matter


I like all of the changes except the Mercy nerf. Mercy already had trouble maintaining gold healing vs., say, a Moira who focuses on healing.

I especially like the Ana and Lúcio buffs. I hate when my hero gets Nano boosted at critical health and immediately dies without getting any value. So, adding a heal to Nano sounds wonderful.

Here’s a link to the proposed changes:


ana buff is a meme and does literally nothing to address any of the issues that prevent her from being better
her ultimate is still weak and the buff is at best situational, and you can just see how afraid blizzard is to buff ana meaningfully

mercy nerf is whatever but she still has rez on e so she’s probably still a must pick


they could gave given something much better

but nano buff is atleast QoL