My opinion on Jayne's statements: he is wrong and disconnected


All hes saying is that, if you try to cover up your own mistakes with hero mechanics than you will automatically hit a plateau when you encounter enemies who know how to counter these mechanics.

Which is true. You cant compete im GM with the game sense, positioning and aim of a plat.


Unless you play to your strengths

Why do you think so many people call mercy mains trash, its because their lack of mechanical skill is covered up by the fact that mercy requires minimal mechanical skill

I know im generalising but that is the stereotype because its partly true


I agree with most of what you said. Maybe there was a hint of salt and rant left in the comment. I think that last session really gave me some sort of PTSD. After really trying to improve and not let the matches and tilt get to you while you’re playing and focusing on yourself… rewatching the footage made me more upset than while I was playing. Yes, I did mistakes, but damn I saw a match where one of my tracers just blinked to the point for 5 whole minutes as if it were OT, touch point without blinks left and die. She was part of a threestack… I saw her die 3+ times per minute and that really got to me which I can see now while rereading my post. You’re right that I did go off topic there for a moment.

Aiming to play just slightly better insread of immediately aiming high is actually stupid but a good idea. I mean it’s stupid to not think of it. It’s like trying to chew of too big a piece. I think I’ll rewatch abd VoD reviews of mid-highplats for a while.

I think you can guess that Lucio is my second favourite character to play but he seems awfully popular lately and I don’t get to play him much…

LFG on console is the absolute worst experience I’ve had so far. People talk and start positive but as soon as they die they start blaming their teammates and even leave. It’s been social cancer. Which is annoying, I really had high hopes for this feature.

Again, I really don’t expect to lose and I really do all I can to win, but how do I put this… I come from a VERY selftoxic behavoour with OW, even though no other game makes me ever toxic. I would just start yelling and tilting in front of my screen. What I do now is no longer do that because of ally mistakes and focus on my play, but my play is still focused o trying to win the game. But yes I do admit that games where I see my team trickle in for 3 min straight without listenting to group up calls… yeah I do give up on those matches.

I’ve been working on this maybe even more than I do on improving my gamestyle as I know this will be very helpful in general. I think OW has the potential to train you be immovable and unwavering towards tilt or frustrating situations.

And finally: the VC problem on europe console is bad. Because if it’s not the 12 year olds, it’s the language barriers: russians/easteuropeans and arabs are the death of me. I can literally talk every european language: italian, lux, underatand dutch halfways, german, french, english, understand and talk a little spanish, and underatand somewhat portuguese…

Yet the game queues me with russians and arabs all the time. I can’t even use my language background to somewhat decipher the arab tongue. I started learning russian but yeah… that’ll take some time


before anything else. I want to say, by reviewing it, do you upload it somewhere?

If you do, you could give me a message or anything on discord, that i can give to you if you wanna fall through with this, but i could help and kind of “coach” you and fix on your issues what you have in your games, if that would help.


There are many players in lower ranks with pretty good mechanical skill, but they don’t know when to get out and reset or when to push an advantage. Gamesense is the short way of putting that.

If you want to cheese a hero? Cheese Widow headshots at the beginning of a fight.


Uhmm yeah I usually upload to youtube, but lately I just kept it on my PS4 and rewatch the footage.
I’ve started a little series where I talk to myself and kinda aay what I’m doing and what my thought process is while playing. Then rewatch the footage and see if it was really the smart play or if I have missed something! Gonna upload those soon to youtube as well.


you stopped doing what specifically? or give us an example. (I’m just trying to understand what your point is)


But this is, I’d expect most people to be gold, plat, and diamond because of the Bell curve that exists everywhere. Least amount of players to be in bronze and silver, and master’s and grandmasters.

That’s just how skills work


we could set up some moment where we could watch em together and i could give tips if youd want that :stuck_out_tongue:


Some skills are transferable and apply to every rank but every rank is like different game. You must adapt to the situation, it is an evolution that you must go through. You can’t just jump from silver play style to diamond unless you have first improved on the transferable skillsets.

dunno about cheesing into higher elo, guess you can skip some lessons and end up in higher elo but then again this then forces you to learn.


isnt it more like most in silver, gold , and plat. since i think was it 10% of people are in diamond, 33 in gold, and like 25 in plat and around 15-20 in silver


My 2 cents:

a) X-rank statement is garbage. You need to alter your play style to work with your teammates somewhat. Ex: in plat/pleb-tiers, don’t count on coordinated dives, don’t count on peels, don’t count on creating space for teammates actually doing something. You need to just generally kill/protect things better, and die less, to rank up.

b) Cheese works and you should totally take advantage of it while it lasts, if you care about SR. (I don’t, lol.)


Yes. And IIRC like 10-15% diamond, 2-3% masters, <1% GM. Forget what bronze was.

Which games you win matters. The number of wins is irrelevant in placements.


And he is right, that’s why a lot of people come here crying when someone asks for Genji nerfs.


I disagree.

While playing to win is important, focusing on improving your own gameplay and not focus of the outcome of all the other factors your team and your opponents can bring, can be a good thing to actually win games after you have reached another threshold of knowledge, skill or game sense.

In my opinion, you have to do your best to win, but not whatever it takes to gain a poor 25 SR. Skill rating and actual skill are 2 very different things


I’m going to agree with you on the skill discrepancy. In the mid ranks, you got both players that feed their brains out and people who don’t stop showing up on the kill feed. People who never talk, and people who make calls outs and have great coms. It’


Jayne’s statements are not the absolute truth, and people seem to forget that too much.
It’s true that abusing cheesy mechanics and playstyles won’t bring you at the very end of the leader board, but if you know when and where to stop using those cheesy strats, it’s still useful. It means you have a good understanding of the actual game and good adaptation skills.

Also, if you plan on playing in gold like you play (or should play) in GM, it won’t work. Most strategies (not to say all of them) revolves around opponents behavior, playstyle, and reaction. And those things are not the same in lower ranks. You can’t pick Orisa and ask your team to rotate to counter the enemies, this doesn’t work like that, because you are relying on players who will have unexpected behavior.

My point is : there is NO such thing as a perfect decision, playstyle, move, that can be used in any rank. You have to adapt to your opponents and your teammates. That’s why most players playing on smurfs don’t exactly play the game as they actually would in GM.

EDIT : Jayne is still true tho, I didn’t explain my thoughts on this part. You still have to understand what your mistakes are, even if they do not seem like mistakes at your rank. You also have to start NOT making those mistakes when they start acting like mistakes. Saying you know it’s not the best thing to do is not enough.


Honestly? Why not?! Sure thing! I’ll contact you again as soon as I have better recent footage and when it’s uploaded! Could use an outer perspective, maybe someone who sees stuff I don’t!


Just HMU with something like your discord, etc so i can message you throughout that and keep updated with the vids!


Cant listen to more than 5 minutes of jaynes talking or I overdose on his pretentiousness