My Opinion on a Lúcio changes (3.4k Lucio onetrick)



His current DPS over that 5 second window is, what, 90? Increasing boop’s damage to 50 would make it 100 DPS? Mercy’s pistol does 100 DPS. But, Lucio has much better survivability in a duel because of self-healing and speed. And it’d be more burst damage, which is more powerful than a flat DPS boost. It’d give him a 130 damage burst if you land all your shots. But, Brig’s combo is 155 damage, right?

I dunno. I guess it depends what his niche is supposed to be. Should he be chasing down snipers and fleeing squishies? Or should he be dancing on the point and peeling? If the latter, then it’d probably be better for boop to have a stronger knockback instead of more damage.

Boop is a minor concern though. I don’t know that it really needs changes. It just doesn’t feel as satisfying to use as I’d like right now.


Right now Lucio can kill 200 hp hero in about a second with 4 headshots boop and punch. Just Imagine how easy it would be to kill Genjis and Mercys with that change. Its hard to give a solid explain why but trust me it would be broken as hell.

What could use a buff on a boops distance and consistency since after the movement rework it is really weak. Make it at least as strong as Brigittes shift which is very consistent


These are my personal thoughts on what lucio also needs with the new buffs.A decrease in the Amp it Up CD would be nice from 12sec to 8sec maybe with a buff to his healing output from 16.25 to 20, also when sombra hacks you lose your abilities not your passive. Its a pain when enemy has a sombra just to focus you down as lucio while your trying to peel. Finally a increase in speed so he can be the speed demon he once was before.


Amp it up cool down from 12 to 8 sounds good or have it last for five seconds. Healing up to 20 would also be nice and amp it up heals to 50. He is literally in the worst place of every healer.