My Opinion on a Lúcio changes (3.4k Lucio onetrick)


Lucio on Live servers

On live servers Lucio has the lowest pickrate off all support on average sitting at 1.55%. Even though his pickrate in lowest and highest tiers rises a bit, it still isn’t anywhere comparable to most other supports (except in bronze).
The reasons for this are fairly obvious

  1. He doesn’t provide as much healing as other supports
  2. He doesn’t have amazing damage output or damage amplifying tools
  3. His ult charges the slowest (or second slowest after Zaria) in the game
  4. His ult is really weak against current meta heroes and can be interrupted easily and is overall really difficult to time correctly
  5. He doesn’t have amazing CC abilities

In the current meta it is difficult to play Lucio like an actual support cause his healing isn’t really great compared to other supports making him lose brawls and long engagements. Because of this Lucio has to be played as a DPS healer hybrid, utilising his amazing mobility for killing snipers and offsupports which are popular in the current meta (Widow, Hanzo, Zen).
His mobility can be also used to jump over enemy tanks and boop them to your team to separate them and create and opening. Examples are shielding backing off Rein or Zaria after pushing forward with her bubble for energy.
His ult cant be used to counter Grav + Dragons combo making it only useful for attacks and counter attacks on defence in hopes to kill the Hanzo or Zaria to stop the combo from happening. This is very hard and requires good teamwork.

Now finally on the PTR changes

  1. Aura increase - This buff mainly buffs speed boost and taxiing. Now you can be a bit safer when helping someone fall back from safer position or help more people from your team. His healing output is pretty much unaffected as most brawls are happening in the 10m range anyways. While not very strong during fights the more space it gives you to do damage or flank while still being useful for your team is nice.
    I am not a big fan of this change cause it doesn’t increase Lucio healing output by much which I think was intended. It also decreases the amount of skill needed to play Lucio and encourage passive gameplay. Overall I think this change isn’t really impactful an doesn’t do much for the state of Lucio.
  2. Ult shield buff - This change helps a lot when dealing with high damage spikes such as Rip-tire, Shatter or Dragon blade. While it still doesn’t block dragons (only for 2.3 sec) it is a lot stronger and more impactful if timed correctly.
    I really like this change cause it rewards timing and makes the ult finally stand out where it should be and differentiates it from Zens Trans.

Chnages I would like to see

  1. Standart aura range increase reverted to live values - There is no real reason why this buff was needed.
  2. Standart aura healing per second increase 16.25 -> 18-20 - This change would make Lucio feel more impactful when healing (also maybe my teammates would notice it and not spam “I need healing” all the time) , his E would make greater difference with its +188% healing increase and finally his ult would charge much quicker.
  3. Keep the Sound Barrier shield increase - This change is perfect in my opinion.
  4. Sound Barrier range increase 30 -> 40 m - His ult with the amount of stuns and possible sniper oneshots in the game is sometimes very difficult tu pull off making you almost hide from the enemy team as Mercy 1.0 did. While doing that however you will be often out of range to few teammates on a lot of maps.
    Many people would decrease the time it takes to cast the ult, but I don’t really like this change cause it removes part of the skill and counterplay from the enemy team.

I think all of these changes would make for a more interactive and impactful Lucio gameplay while keeping his difficulty and fun on the same level.

My notes

I would like this to be start of a constructive debate. If you have any questions please share them down in the comments.


Why do people keep citing Zarya as having slower or even comparable ult charge? Zarya takes 1800ish, Lucio takes 2500ish.


I had similar thoughts regarding the aura change, except instead of increasing his team healing I think they should increase his self healing to match his team healing so that he’s better able to outduel enemies and survive longer in order to keep healing for the team - PTR Lucio with 16.25/48.75 self healing was a hell of a character.

Regarding the ultimate, as nice as the increased shields are, I’d rather have a faster cast time so that the ultimate could be more responsive rather than more powerful - buffing the best case scenario is always win more in my book.


Well, he is a DPS healer hybrid, so…


Ultimate charge really isn’t a good indicator of how quickly you can farm an ultimate, having the ability to gain ultimate charge thru’ passive healing and environmental kills compared to just damage means you have to look at ultimates per X amount of time or X amount of games as the most reliable indicator.


If you looks straight no points Moira should have very slow ult charge but we all know how fast she can gain her ult. The points don’t mean anything on their own, it is necessary to also look at the tools the hero has to gain these ults.
In my original post I was comparing the rough time to get them not the points.


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I wouldn’t buff his self healing as it was completely insane trying to shoot someone who is as difficult target as Lucio when he is healing that much. His dueling is good enough. A good Lucio player can duel every single character in this game as of right now and I think this is how it should stay.


I think his Aura should be larger. at least 15 meters. maybe even as high as 20. This will allow Lucio to do what Lucio does best. Wall ride and disrupt, while being able to support his team. With a small radius to his aura, Lucio is pretty much stuck sitting in the middle of his group. This isn;t how Lucio is meant to be played.


Compared to Brigitte’s level of survivability now, Lucio’s really wouldn’t be that unreasonable.


As a 3.2k pleb, I just want Lucio to, when hacked by Sombra, do one of these 3 things:
A: Not have wallride affected

B: Not have aura affected, just locked on current aura like it was before

Or C: Change the aura circle colour to show your teammates that you can’t heal them, and to stop spamming heal me


No. He was in fact intended to be played like this.

A bit of history

When Lucio was released his auras had 30m range and his ult 60m. The problem with that was that Lucio had to just simply exist in a line of sight to heal and mind their own business. Which resulted in Lucios just playing their own game. The most famous example of this is (more like was) DSPStanky which was well know for his super aggressive flanker playstyle.

Because of this blizzard decided to rework Lucio to be more of a team hero. They reduced the range on his auras to 10m and ult to 30m to make him need to stick to his team and gave him 50% more healing than before.

While 50% more healing seems like a lot now he doesn’t get the 20k healing he used to previously and his ult charge suffered cause of that.

When increasing his aura radius you run into the trouble of making that playstyle happen again, and both I and Blizzard don’t want that.

Personal opinion

Why I don’t want that? Cause this one is to me just more fun. You always have to decide when to go for their snipers, when to peel for your team and when to be frontlining. I like that aspect of having to constantly switch between roles and utilising wallrides to do so.


I completely disagree. I think blizzard just went way overboard with the aura radius nerf and just haven;t given it much thought. Why give him all that mobility if you never let him use it?

I am not saying it needs to be reverted back pre nerf. but at least let him cover
most of a point while riding around on the walls.

a 15 - 20 meters radius would allow for much more freedom to move around but would still require you to make those same type of decisions.


Eh? His mobility allows him to be all over the place and to quickly get back to his team should they need healing. As a Lúcio, you’ve got to choose between wallriding out of sight (to cap a point or w/e), or closer to your team so you can heal and peel for them.

And on certain maps, like Illios Lighthouse, you can do all of that at the same time, because of how small the objective is.


We were more of talking about flanking, killing snipers etc. Not really about different positions on the point. But yeah Lucio’s auras most of the time reach everyone on the point


Playing Lucio since he was F tier I noticed that many of the problems are both direct and indirect, movement changes, various buffs to heroes like Sombra, Briggite, nerfs to Lucio, etc… Personally, after facing Top 500, GM’s this is my take on it.

Auras were not the problem, Is it nice buff? Yeah it’s cool but it doesn’t fix Lucio. Same with the buff to his ult. Yeah it provides a little bit more for a little bit more of wiggle room but it’s not whats needed to fix Lucio. His speed his fine and i’m perfectly okay with it. What needs to change is the BS with the casting time animation, as well as the healing per second both before amp it up and during it. I am not saying by a crap ton, but I made so many posts in the past about it. Other Support heroes simply feel like they have a bigger impact. So I am also hoping his boop becomes more stronger as well, as because of the movement changes, that ability has become F tier.

So in summary:

-Address the Healing and increase it for both his team and Lucio passively

-Fix his Soundwave so it has more punch to it and not a 1 inch push

-Make the animation faster or make it so it can’t be interrupted.

After all of these things are implemented it can help him a lot.


Just because he can damage while healing doesn’t make him a dps hybrid…unless you mean how he is totally a dps hybrid, power me up ana i can take them all lets goooooooooooooooooooo


This is a bad idea, considering Lúcio is an off healer, and should not be able to go toe to toe with any of the three main healers. His healing is fine where it is.


He is a DPS hybrid tho’, if/when you reach his skill ceiling then you will regularly be expected to flank their snipers or protect your back line from flankers, watch some contenders GOAT comp play and you’ll see how much work you have to put in as a damage source.


I probably would’ve been fine with just a tweak to his ult’s cast speed. Extra shields are no use if you still can’t reliably get them in the first place.

I just hate that an ult designed to counter sudden bursts of damage, is pretty much a gamble in most cases where sudden bursts of damage occur. Playing it safe defeats the purpose of the ult, people will be dead by the time you find a moment between all the CC and random head shots that you have to take into account. Or by the time you actually hit the floor, seeing as how you’re often somewhere high up when you need to trigger it.

Low healing and small auras can be mitigated with other healers and clever use of mobility, even the boop can still be effective if you pay attention to how people are moving, but ever since the change to ult charge loss I’ve been having trouble with getting it off in time, or at all. Which wouldn’t be so maddening if you didn’t lose all charge and have to spend two team fights to get it back up.