My Online gaming experience

I was being hyperbolic on purpose, but if I had a nickle for the number of times I was called ‘worthless’ which is basically a milder version of being called a bundle of sticks?


Point’s still the same. Other games allow me to not have to interact with other players. I don’t suffer for it outside of maybe having to leave a group. They find someone else, no harm, no foul.

In Overwatch if I want to remove myself from a bad situation I have to concede that I’m getting a ‘leaver’ mark on my record, I can’t re-queue for another game, and everyone in the game I left is now incentivized to report me. And if this leads to an actual punishment, and I take it up with customer service?

We get told about how where there’s smoke, there’s fire so obviously I am the problem. Blizzard has both built a game that encourages bad behavior, and punishes people who don’t want to be around it, but doubles down by encouraging customer service reps to back up people who abuse the report system like a school yard bully who learns how to work the crowd to his defense.

Agreed, but one exception in my lifetime has been smaller communities and clan/player run servers.

When you have a small community, you know who’s good and who’s bad. In vanilla and TBC WoW, I knew who not to group with, as did most other level-capped players; we knew who the gankers were, and where they would be; we knew who ninja-looted, and who to trust with ML in a PuG raid (usually.)

The larger a game is, the larger the audience; naturally, this means the minority of jerks grows to a wider variety of jerks. As we all know, Blizzard tries to cater to everyone (sometimes it’s ok, sometimes it isn’t), so their audience is massive.

There’s no excuse for bad behaviour, but it’s likely wise to know you’ll experience it more in highly populated online games.

Gonna end my post before I get off-topic, though.

Sadly, dealing with garbage-personality people in a team setting is a life skill we all have to acquire and we all deal with it at some point. I’ve had “toxic” coworkers at my job in years past… but I was stuck with them for an entire year until I could transfer departments. It isn’t ideal and nobody should be forced to… but it’s reality.

Is there really any point in reporting these players when it seems they never get punished? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve recorded people being abusive in chat and throwing games, report them, and not 1 has been punished. At some point you wonder why we should even bother?

You should expand your “fair play” mission statement to include your own company’s developers, and the products they design. Handicapping competitive matches with “Match Making Rating” is an abuse of players best efforts, and their trust in your company. The toxicity you observe in the Overwatch community comes from cognitive dissonance, a byproduct of Blizzard’s deceptive engineering. The least you owe us is some honesty in the game’s user-interface and terms of use.


it sucks that you’ve had this experience but personally, since the new endorsement system I’ve never had as little toxicity in my games before!

so a post about some guy who doesn’t know about the mute button gets a blue post but the hundreds of sombra threads get ignored

I am so glad that they care enough to respond. The lfg has reduced toxicity in my games by 95%.

Hero balance will always be a problem…

This may seem obvious but have gaming companies in general practice hiring teams of Psychologists to help solve the problem. If not, is it an unbecoming practice, do devs and/or publishers believe that field couldn’t help (wouldn’t) or is it too much of an endeavor (expensive or otherwise) to accomplish.

To me, many of these problems that games have faced involving inappropriate behavior are crippling obvious to those trained in understanding human behavior (as if these trained ppl were clairvoyant).

It’s already confirmed that she’s being reworked. What more would they have to say on the matter until they’re ready to disclose more information, exactly?

they’re doing literally everything about her by themselves, sombra mains wanted bug fixes and qol but instead they get whatever blizz decides they want to give her

Welcome to everybody else’s pain lol. Pretty sure Mercy mains aren’t exactly thrilled with her newest single rez ability. Lots of Sym mains aren’t thrilled with having to aim now either lol

honestly i like valk, it lets me spectate mt teammates easier

In terms of online multiplayer gaming, Halo3 was my killer app… and it showed up on the scene back before “outrage culture” and the march of the snowflakes hit he scene.

Kids would !@#$ their pants if they heard the kinda stuff that went on lol. Thing was, we took it in stride and just kept playing. No I’m not saying no one ever offended me, but I was so focused on ranking up and getting better that it was easy to shrug off.


Hey Mr Powers is the report system ever going to see some change?

I feel like it’s a toxic aspect of the game that people abuse to vent against other players, or even a way of them trying to punish people for playing heroes they don’t agree with such as off-meta heroes.

I have been collectively suspended about 15 times now, I’m getting really good at it.

listen blizz, if you were not greedy about having billions of activated accounts and sold licenses, you’re game could be so much better. but no, you let smurfs troll and throw on lower tiers, you let egocentric players play a team game and make good players loose their minds

Hi Tom, I have a suggestion to combat unpleasant players! Did you hear about the Kaggle Toxic Comment Classification Challenge to “Identify and classify toxic online comments”? Could you similarly build a model specifically from Overwatch comments in voice chat to automatically identify unpleasant players? They could then receive warnings… It might be worth a try, although there is obv risk of false-positives.

Maybe you should keep censoring everyone and buff low skill characters and keep attacking the core player base who actual practice on high skill character

This right here. CSGO’s system works better than most to combat competitive trolling.

Its actually a good idea, tbh. Like, the only ones who can review the players who have been reported are by players of equal or higher rank (that way, Silvers don’t ban actual good players). Implement the exact same basics of how that works for OW, and bam.