My new skin is gone!

I just opened a loot box and got the new zen skin, went to equip it AAAAAND… ITS GONE!!! Its like i never even got it!


This is a bug. It’s been reported by quite a few people now. Hopefully they’ll have a fix soon!


Hope so too, thx dude!

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Now the real question is will they fix it as in return the skins lost, which seems difficult. Just give you a free loot box… or none the above. Just fix it and what is lost was lost.


Hope I get the skin back, Zen’s my favorite character and I aint gonna use 3k coins for what i already got.

you didnt already get it its part of the glitch. People will open a loot box and it will be zoomed in and when zoomed you will see either the new zen or hammond skin every time or neither. So you didnt rlly get the skin all items from the lootbox you still have.


untrue, im sure i saw all the items bases and zen had his under.

When you opened the box, did you get to see if one of the token things were yellow?

what is true however, is that once u got the skin it remains, while you open new boxes on the right of the forth item and it doesnt have a base anymore

Its just the zoomed in bug. If he was indeed in your lootbox, youd have gotten a yellow item (youd remember if there were 2 yellow items in 1 box) and the zen skin would have this loot-platform under him and he would also have the big anniversary logo/symbol behind him if it was the skin.

Happened to me, too. It was not the skin. (And I knew its the bugged Zen from the menu).

yes it was, i would have taken a screenshot, but i never thought i wouldnt have the skin, never had something like dat happen before. Zen had a yellow base and i saw the yellow token fly at opening…

Strange… :confused: