My keyboard stops working randomly only in OW

As the title implies, my keyboard stops working randomly while I’m playing OW lately. It’s only Overwatch, no other game has this issue, it’s only certain keys as I’m able to alt+tab out and the keyboard works fine in every other game/program, and this wasn’t happening ~2 weeks ago.

I’ve had this happen with every hero, but it seems easily reproducible if I press Ctrl and Shift at the same time as Mercy, I’m suddenly no longer able to do certain things. Ctrl and WASD still work sometimes, though there have been 2 instances where I was completely unable to move as DVa in a comp game. Hitting enter brings up chat but I am not able to actually type in chat, and Esc isn’t able to close chat. If I alt+tab out and back in, everything works until I press some “bad” key combo again that kills it. I’ve also had my Shift action get stuck, Mercy will constantly try to guardian angel and DVa will immediately boost as soon as the cooldown ends.

As far as troubleshooting goes:

  • It’s a Blackwidow V3 PRO keyboard and I have Razer Synapse 3 installed and fully updated, and I am running Chroma, but even if I go kill every Razer process in the task manager prior to launching the game this still happens.
  • I have tried Windowed, Borderless Windowed, and Fullscreen via settings and via Alt+Enter and it makes no difference
  • I do not have Discord installed on this machine.

As-is I am basically unable to play, let alone ranked, because this happens almost every game.

Any ideas?

Probably an incompatible version of Synapse.

Check the version detailed here:

As stated in my post, I have the latest versions of both Synapse 3 and Chroma…

There are a few iterations of Synapse 3, so reinstalling might help. Also, your post doesn’t include a DxDiag, so we can’t see what’s related to the keyboard error.

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