My game will not load and freezes when it does

When I first logged in, I made it all the way to the screen with the event banner. However, the game froze and the only way to exit the application was to use the task manager. I restarted my PC and now I can’t even load the game without it freezing on the entering game screen.


i had the same problem bro, i’ll try to update my graphics driver,

I figured it out! Scan the games files through the battlenet app and it should find the damaged files and fix it.

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So I found out the scan and repair option, it said it didn’t need any repairs but my game still freezes. What else could I do?

You could try reinstalling. Sometimes updates that aren’t fully downloaded can corrupt game data.

Hey there! I have the same problem, I already scanned the files twice and I even reinstalled the game today.

The two times I scanned the files said it didn’t need any repairs but the game still freezes (the second time I scanned It let me enter the game and I was testing a bit and It looked like it was working normally, but then it freezes again) :’( so I don’t know what else could I do, I even followed some instructions for the most common problems that I could have but nothing.

This happened when I updated the game recently so I don’t know if there is anything else I can do? I’ll try to reinstall the game again lol

Can you start a new thread with your DxDiag?

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