My game keeps freezing

Randomly while I am playing my game freezes in such a way as none of the characters other than myself move or shoot and are stuck in their animation like as what it looks like when you lose connection and this tends to lead me to dying, overwatch itself doesn’t freeze but the enemy/team mates do and it tends to last 5 seconds max

How can I stop this since it’s effecting my gameplay

Which troubleshooting steps have you tried?

And if it’s connection related, try these steps:

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Hey I was searching for a fix on this issue and yours sound exactly like mine…did u found the fix yet?

Not intentionally found an actual solution but it just stopped after a while. I personally just close both overwatch and reset my WiFi whenever it happens but it rarely happens now since if I make my pc sleep with overwatch open it acts up if I try to play again after I turn it back on