My fps stuck at like 18-20 and yet my settings is way more than that

So my settings say that I have at least 240 fps-300 and in the lobby it says it too but the second I get in game it just totally goes down to like 18 this happens on no other games and I am very confused tried tons of things and put my whole day into trying to figure this out I love this game and am very sad to see I can’t play on an okay fps


For your information if you seek help in troubleshooting your system you should post in the technical support forum instead of in the bug report forum. You won’t often find Blizzard representatives answering or helping people in the bug report forum.

Any way, are you using Razer Synapse by chance?

Thank you so much I am overjoyed Thank you, People, like make this world a better place wasted my whole day and didn’t come here i will make sure to come back here if i need any more help

Thank you