My fellow Tracer mains


What was changed?
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Pulse bomb was nerfed.

Sorry for the wording, I’ll fix that😁


I know, but how it was nerfed?


Yes, how…


Damage reduction👍

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It went from 400 to 300.



i think it’s fair. She should be able to take down backline not frontline. And considering how fast her ult is charged and how she could deal with a lot of things with it it’s probably for the best.

For example you can no longer kill zarya with it by landing it on a bubble just before it expires.
You can’t kill orisa as easily, bastion as well, symmetra’s buildables, etc. It’s quite a nice nerf without breaking the hero.


It definitely wasn’t the main issue. It’s her pulse pistols, nothing else.


As i said in a different thread.
"This is just an indirect buff to very few heroes, Reinhardt, Winston, D.VA, Bastion (not by much) and 2 of those are the leaders of the dive meta

After the Roadhog changes Tracers never really bothered with him killing him alone even with a pulse bomb was extremely hard, so this changed nothing for him

And for Orisa, by the time you bait out Fortify she’d be around 300 HP or less, so pretty much same as always, same can be done with Zarya and her Barrier.

All this going to do really is make the diving tanks stronger by removing 1 more counter to them, also bring the amazing pirate ship more often

As for Rein, yeah nerfing pulse bomb won’t even budge him outta of the trash bin."

Overall i’m not really bothered too much by it, still gonna be killing tanks with it with a bit of help with my guns. :stuck_out_tongue:


tell me when you can consistently stick pulse bombs to small squishy targets with this games trashy coding


Even though I main Sombra, I put some hour into learning Tracer, Honestly it’s not as bad as people on these forums is making it out to be.


I couldn’t care less about the damage reduction, I just didn’t think that was the problem😂

I don’t think it changes much👍


of course i can’t but that’s why her non ult dmg potential is that good, so she doesn’t rely solely on her ult to get things done. Pulse is still good with graviton (not as good). I don’t mind this nerf because like i said, she’s supposed to be a flanker not a tank buster. She’s supposed to be good at killing the backline not killing the frontline.


You see, I am not certain you are looking at the full picture.

Tracer may have more trouble against dive tanks. Which means that for once Tracer might not be the answer to them. Who is another good tank buster in this game? Reaper of course. With his recent buffs (and the fact that he has ALWAYS been good against and Winston) Reaper will finally be able to contend more with Tracer in the DPS slot.

Essentially changing the counter from using a mirror comp (with tracer in it) you will have to consider using off meta picks to counter.


it’s a nerf to her ability to kill things that aren’t her primary target anyway.
as a tank main who was once more scared of her then Reaper I think this is a solid idea


I can see how many people would see it as a nerf but if we think about it, it isn’t too big. The only side affects are that she can’t one shot Orisa or Zarya anymore, but as is, they could just bubble themselves or turn on Fortify and negate most of them damage (all in the case of Zarya). IDK. I might be missing the big picture…


That’s my favorite Moira picture ever.

Is it intentionally made to look like Onion Head (not bunny)?


as someone said above the big picture means that she’s not as good at killing tanks which gives room for heroes like Reaper to be better at their niche then Tracer is as a flanker who doubles over as their niche.


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