My feedback on the PTR hero changes



Having Reaper his ammo reloaded after Death Blossom is a welcome QoL change.

The changes to his Wraith Form are amazing!
Some players think he might become too strong, but I disagree. Reaper lacks range.
The speed change allows him to either escape the battle or chase after the enemy.
The ability to cancel it anytime allows him to bait out abilities and have him immediately start attacking again.

In overall do I think he became a much better tank buster.


Mei has always been an underpowered hero.
This change just might make her more relevant and balanced in the game.

One of Mei’s biggest problem was that she didn’t had a role in Overwatch. Was she meant to slow down and stop mobility or was she meant to take on tanks? Now she has a clear role. Be a counter to tanks. (Sure, she was great at being a point staller, but that’s not a healthy role in the game.)

This change also make Mei stronger at defending chokepoints and checkpoints.


The developers thought his burst damage on his secondary fire was a bit too high.

To be honest, I don’t think he needed this nerf.

I have seen plenty Zenyatta players killing enemies fast with his secondary fire, but I never considered it too strong.

He lacks mobility and heal teammates slow. Having high damage was a nice tradeoff.
And he probably has a high pickrate because of how useful his discord is.

I don’t think the nerfs will hurt him much, but I also think he didn’t needed it.


Dva needed a nerf.
If Mercy’s high pickrate was considered wrong and unbalanced, then why is Dva’s high pickrate acceptable?

Dva simply could do too much. Dive on an enemy while using DM and using her primary fire and rockets could deal a lot of damage and not many enemies could deal with that.

Reducing the explosive damage from the rockets is a good change to fix this problem.

And I’m glad the developers didn’t nerfed her too hard. Especially now that Mei, one of her counters, got buffed again.

Small changes like these are always welcome. I remember the developers nerfed Soldier’s damage by 1 and now is he considered one of the most balanced heroes in the game.
Maybe the same thing can be said about Dva?

This was my feedback on hero changes.
In overall do I think this PTR patch will do more good than harm. I look forward to have this patch on the live version.


Allow me to reply to this, seeing as you seem to offer actual feedback instead of raging (a welcome sight, for sure)

Reaper: I always thought that Reaper needed some sort of je ne said quois. His offensive skillset is very limited, and I always thought that he needed something of range, in order to make him a (more) viable pick on the more open maps, if anything. In the original Overwatch “movie” he had grenades of sorts, and I always thought that was a nice thing to hook into. This change he has gotten is an interesting one, but also a bit concerning perhaps, because if played right, he can fire a LOT of rounds in a short period of time and we all know that, up close, he is a very troublesome hero to deal with, since it’s one of the highest dmg output alongside percentage-based self-healing.

Mei: This buff feels outright stupid to me, and I say this as a Mei Main (of sorts). What Zarya’s ult does (keep foes stuck in one place) they essentially put in Mei’s left click. I do not use left click when I play Mei, because to me it just feels like such a ridiculously overpowered thing. In every match I’m in there’s always this sigh of desperation when I hear “they have a Mei”. Buffing her LMB more than it already has been…I have to be against this. Again, I’m a Mei-main (of sorts)
Jeff/Geoff/Interns/mods: please, if you’re reading this: PLEASE reconsider this change. I can understand that Mei is a bit of a weird character that perhaps has trouble finding her role in the OW setup (I always play her an a sort of off-tank myself. If played well, her wall is an enormous asset to the team) but I don’t think her most cancerous (pardon my French) asset, her LMB, is the thing to buff. P L E A S E reconsider.

D.Va: I don’t quite understand what Blizzard is doing, exactly, with this hero. She was originally a tank. They nerfed the hell out of her and eventually gave her a more offensive skill-set, making her simply an assault character with a high health-pool, IMO. And now her burst dmg is too high and that gets a nerf? Now I feel she’s not really…anything. She feels in Limbo to me at this point.
I would opt for one additional second back to her Matrix, if they want to nerf her assaulting properties, because now it feels like they’ve taken twice from her, without giving enough back to make her work.

Zenyatta: I’ve always felt Zenyatta was strong when he hits stuff, but really…this is a skill-thing. Often when I’m hit by Zen players, they hit consecutive head-shots, so I’m okay with that (I mean, I’m not okay with that…but I’m okay with that). His RMB, however…it DOES have a lot of burst and if you hit the entire thing, full-charge, on someone it take a LOT of damage and it will likely kill the squishies, regardless of whether or not they are head-shots. That means it is essentially a one-shot, and what with roadhog’s legendary nerf/rework, Blizz made it clear that they do NOT want characters to have one-shot abilities (…so they gave one to Doomfist…)
So…in a way I can understand the nerf on this, but maybe it’s a bit unjustified? I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. I’ll leave it up to others to argue over this.

Now…here’s to hoping someone from the Blizz team reads this and brings it to the table during coffee-break or something.

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My thoughts exactly.

What makes me so disappointed was that DVa (as i recall), wasnt even on Jeff’s “heroes that needed balancing” watchlist (the one he annouced months ago).

Then all of a sudden, after seeing her pickrate, decides to nerf her??

If pickrate is a basis for nerfs and buffs, then it makes NOT want to play a hero, even if the situation calls for it.


I like all of these changes for the most part. Reaper needs this buff. Mei does too although this could be problematic later on but we’ll see. Zen nerf is fine. He still wont change much. The same with She can still wreck squishies. They basically just toned down Zen and’s burst which is fair because their bursts rival dps heroes. It’s toned down but it’s still good and lethal. I think these are all positive changes.