My dream MERCY patch notes! (new ability)


  • Valkyrie
    - Removed

  • Resurrect
    - Moved to Mercy’s Ultimate
    - Reduced range by 30%
    - Resurrecting no longer grants Mercy invulnerability
    - Mercy now gains 30% damage reduction for 6 seconds after resurrecting
    - Resurrect charges 15% slower
    - Resurrect now has a 1 second cast time
    - Resurrect resets all of Mercy’s active cooldowns

Developers Comments : Resurrection proved too powerful not to be an ultimate. Therefore we looked again at the balancing of mercy 1.0. With these changes mercy is encouraged to be an active participant of all fights, because resurrecting 5 players has become much less reliable with less range, therefore mercy must heal her teammates and is encouraged to tempo res. Invulnerability also made resurrection too reliable to use, damage reduction allows with strong focus fire Mercy can be taken down after using resurrect.

  • Caduceus Staff
    - healing remains at 50 healing per second

Developers Comments : Mercy is a constant relaible single target healer, we feel her current state fufills her role as a main healer

  • Uplift
    - new E ability
    - For 5 seconds mercy’s caduceus staff now outputs 40% increased healing per second. (50 → 70) Mercy also gains 5% increased damage boosting power while Uplift is active (30% → 35%)
    - Mercy has a slight glow effect while the ability is active
    - 12 second cooldown, the cooldown starts once the ability ends

Developers Comments : Uplift brings a new aspect of mid-fight potential to mercy, which discourages the “Hide and Res” tactic, we also believe Uplift allows mercy to compete as a main healer while staying true to mercy’s single target healing design.


Doesn’t fix the problem with rez though, or is that what the decreased range is for?

Hey let’s bring her hide and mass ress but more Powerful than before.

Practically the same m1/m2 but overbuffed, 70hp/s constantly? really? I mean … REALLY? do you want to delete Winston forever? or the person you are healing to NEVER DIE unless Widow-Hanzo headshots?.

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yep, the range makes 5 man res’ much harder to pull off, it makes mercy have to go in tough positions to get the res, therefore she can be countered. Also this iteration is very easy to balance as you can just keep tweaking the percentages if it’s too strong, or too weak

I’m never quite sure how reliable the non offensive E’s would be but this one seems good

Thank you for the work you put into this

numbers can always be tweaked : )

My dream patch notes:


  • Removed

Developers Comments : Resurrection proved too much of a pain in the *ss for everyone, and after years of watching the forums spammed endlessly by butt-hurt Mercy mains Jeff and I decided that the best thing was to remove Mercy altogether.

In all seriousness, I am joking, I like Mercy but I had to put this in as I get sick to death of the endless “revert/fix Mercy” posts by a certain group who acts like this character is a civil rights movement… agitate, agitate, all in the hopes of finally seeing “justice” done…

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i was waiting for this response (the remove her part), and i think a lot of people are just passionate about their hero especially when she’s being tweaked so much, but i can see where your frustration stems from, it sucks that we have that stigma :frowning:

That E ability is way too strong. If Resurrect goes back to her Ultimate, I severely doubt we would get anything in return, and Valkyrie would also be gone.

I take that you are not interested in it, have a great day mate

yeah, i could see why you think its super strong, but i think if you compare it to an Ana nade they’re quite similar, but you can always tweak numbers unlike some other abilities * Cough Res on E Cough *

and with no valkyrie mercy isnt gonna have those great chain heals, so i think super strong solo target healing compensates for the lack of 15 seconds of a super op lucio aura/ mini supercharger

Yeah, I am saying if Mass Resurrect comes back, she’s not going to be compensated with some new ability. It would just be like Mercy 1.0 but with Mass Resurrect tweaks.

But I can see healing go back to 60hps with that change.

Hello! I see you have some interesting ideas there, I’m sure Titanium and the rest of us would like to discuss it with you here:



love the E Part. maybe put it into 60hps so it doesn’t get comments like “she’s too OP with the E”

and add LOS to mass ress to stop hide and rez tactic.