My Career Profile completely inaccurate

There are several inconsistencies in my career profile in OW2, such as saying i have no hours played in competitve but i’m placed in 2 roles already??? And my most played hero, which should be either Mercy or McCree or Cassidy or whatever we’re calling him now. I’m also rather confident that I should have considerably more hours than what is displayed on my career profile. Unfortunately I cant check this with the normal Overwatch as it’s no longer a game. Also in my statistics, theres a card that says my highest kill streak is 25, but in the chart next to it, it says my highest kill streak is 20. Wtf is up with this Blizzard??

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same!!! i’ve sunk a LOT of hours this comp season and its saying i only have 1 hr play time and absolutely no time on my main ;-; have u heard anything abt how to fix this??