My account was deleted?

Tried logging in today, and it seems my account has been completely deleted. Says the email to it hasn’t been found and all that. My friend on Overwatch which is what I was going to say says that I was unfriended and he can’t send in invite… Any ideas?
This is another account I have that doesn’t have Overwatch so I can post here. I just don’t want to lose all of my stuff.

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Generally, only you can delete your own account. I recommend opening a ticket and having staff track down your details.

A similar thing happened to me, but I could log in and all my stuff was gone

Howdy JBsabre,

Looking at the account you used to sign into the forum I found that there isn’t a license for Overwatch. This means the account is under a different email. As others have stated the best thing to do here is put in a ticket for assistance.

Ohto I would recommend doing the same thing, looking over the account used to sign into Overwatch I found there has never been a license for Overwatch on this account.

When you put in the ticket I recommend providing any emails the account could be under and provide the order number (or CD Key) for the game if you have it.

I am getting an error ACCOUNT MISSING OVERWATCH LISCENSE and won’t let me on my account which I have had and linked from xbox. It tries to make me relogin in the game (why do I have to log in if I am using your app?) and it just had the endless loading spin and says logging in. I have another account and when I click the manage account button then it takes me to the info for the other account. I checked I am logged in as RXNCATALYST. Your wires are crossing somehow and won’t let me choose which account to log into. Please fix ASAP.

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Yesterday when I tried to log in to my account I was told that my email was not found and when I went to create a new account it allowed me to create it under the same username as the account that disappeared from me.

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