My 1,000th Post!

Far from perfect, yes but with time I know it will continue to get better. Not many people remember when the game first came out… it was, uh. It was interesting to say the least!

Every good moderator should follow this example.

I love Doomfist, I am terrible with him but I love his character and his kit.

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I can’t see them ever “Retiring” a hero… Maybe tweaking, Reworking… but not retiring… jeff even said that’s not a possibility.

And with doom… His combos Do feel less fair at times, but small changes could be made to help with that, without risking his flow or playstyle.

That it was… That it definitely was.

Aww… I’m gunna cry, you’re too nice. :blush:

He used to annoy the hell out of me… But, i have about 16 hours on him… and since then, i have learned to like his style, and design. ;3

That, and on console he can be a pain if you know what you’re doing at the time.

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I am terrible with spacial positioning so he’s difficult for me to play. I get lost where I am fairly quickly, hehe.

Can you link me the Bastion thread you are referring to? I am interested in reading up on it since I am unfamiliar with most Megathreads [they get pushed down a lot unfortunately].

I loved his kit the second i got destroyed by one. Yup that was my main defining moment. Getting demolished by a hero without me being able to do anything.

Yeah no arguing that but i found i understood how to beat and counter him better since i played him. The movements seem obvious to me now and i find him easy to beat. But i love the combo style. So many heroes in this game have good abilities but they dont support each other well. Like his combos are just so streamlined and work well even if the abilities only do 50-75 damage


Be warned… it’s actually massive.
[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (410+ Likes, 14,400+ Responses)]
(And yes… a lot of so called “spam” happens there… but after around 20,000 posts of general discussion surrounding Bastion, we’re hard pressed to find new Topics to converse about.)

Huh… that’s probably the only thing i’m good at… I grew up using 3D simulation software and what not, so… i just take easily to a 3D environment… i can literally recall exactly where most every healthpack is on most maps… O-o

(Also just photographic memory… Which can be a pain at times.)

That’s all it takes, I used to really hate Widowmaker and then I picked up her gun and was like, “Okay, she isn’t so bad.”

Thank you, I like reading something while I wait for replies.

That is really neat :grin:, I get migraines a lot so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it [the aura kind]. I know where the health packs are, but if I’m trying to shoot at someone and they are bouncing all around me @___@ I get real confused, hehe. This is why I was never meant to be a DPS main!

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Yo migraine sufferer too. But yet I can play the bounce lord Doofmisty.

Although mine get set off from light (corners of my eyes), caffeine and chocolate and then boom fuzzy eyes and im the worst headache. And that other bad stuff

:sweat: I’m sorry to hear about that… That sounds awful.

Yea… i can see that being an issue… Especially as a Mccree “Main” Over time i’ve learned how to 180 flash bang Tracers… They get REAL Confused. X3

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I once Legit overdosed on Caffeine… My words of warning?


Just… Never…

It wasn’t all i had been going through at the time, and… It was BAD.

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Oh lord. Never gonna cause then Id OD on caffeine and have migraines and at that point id be seeing angels.

But I did once get way too high of petrol fumes.(Live In Aus and there was a servo explosion like 40m away from my house)

Lets just say i had a genuine “Tremor” in my hands and back, for about a week…
Also due to many other things at the time, but that was a large part of it.
(I’m better now)


Junkertown be LIT.

But no really… That sounds terrifying.

Ehh It would be But I live in a farming community (yes community its too small to be a town) Where the nearest grocery shop is 40 mins away and im the only one with a computer. So Lots of cane fires and im kinda used to having ash all over the place and smoke all in the sky

I would literally live there.

No kidding.
I grew up in a Very small town… i burned things often.

And yea… That’s kinda cool actually.
I live in a boring middle of “City” Town, with NOTHING To actually do… <.<

Yeah hate those places. Wouldnt find me near one. But hey I hope you end up getting out to a place you like when you finally settle down


I am close to 3000 points

I’m already planning on it. :3

And thanks.


Lynn, i feel i must apologize for coming in, and basically taking over your very nice thread… Bastion mains talk a LOT.

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Rip poor post 1 leik = 1 lyn

Thank you very much! :sun_with_face:

I am in the ER a lot because of them, I sympathize friend.

I currently live an hour from anything, my hope is to move somewhere far away from here someday :heavy_heart_exclamation:

lol … . honestly? I am really happy this post brought about all this discussion. It’s been really lovely.

I hope you reach your dream. :3

I personally intend to live quite far from anyone else…

Chibi is happy to have helped!

I’m always up for some discussion, no matter the Topic really… :smile_cat: