Must Hanzo be a must pick every single gd match?


Day in, day out, match after match, map after map, Hanzo, Hanzo, Hanzo/Widow, Hanzo, Hanzo. When can we see a change from the Hanzo bs?


Aren’t there nerfs to him on the current PTR? That might help.


Are there? I cant get through all the Brig whine posts and Ana requests to see. :confused:


Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 28, 2018:


Nice, thank you for the info and link!


Read the patch notes before making yet another Hanzo thread. He’s nerfed and every prercise hitscan got buffed.


I wish people read all the Brig posts before making another one. Im just trying to fit in here, mate.


The buff to other hitscan will help but those nerfs to Hanzo will do absolutely nothing.
Increasing the CD is nice but they need to remove the ability to crit. and raise the damage back up.


Ey, be nice, not everyone follows the PTR patches.


To be fair, some of those people were probably Hanzo mains before the buffs and can finally play him without being reported. Those who played him through F-tier will continue playing him, those who benefited from his buffs will move along.


I know right even before he was re-worked I saw a lot of the f’er & his Cyborg bother. Its like their the only heroes in the game at times.


the ability to 1 shot someone is why


I blame sniperwatch on people watching compilations of Wraxu and OWL sniper players, and they wanna be the next Kephrii or pro widow and they all flood quickplay and now we have double pro sniper on every freaking match ever in existence. It really is annoying, I feel your pain OP