🎵 Music for OW Heroes


Hello everybody! Overwatch music is fine and dandy, but i would like you guys to share music you listen specifically while playing certain heroes.

  • what fires you up to make those killstreaks?
  • what makes your steps robust and hardens stance while tanking?
  • what makes you chilled out enough to bare all those ‘need healing’ spams?

give us name (or picture) and track you like the most while playing this hero

(how to paste picture? … be trust lvl3 and type in “<img src=(paste link here) height=(size)>” )

i will start with an example:


your turn guys ! have fun, stay positive ! and share with us some of your treasured music, that we all could enjoy while playing OW

2 years ago, my gf and I used to hate on this game with passion, little did we know we would love it so much now, and here are our best moments, hope you guys enjoy!
How cool would it be

I personally liked this song with the old Mercy… it doesn’t make sense anymore because your team will die no matter what, but hey! Still kind of for fits



I just play Lana del Ray, marina and the diamonds and Halsey and I just do well as mercy… I just do well as any hero I don’t need specific music to play a hero well.


waits for someone to flag this post as trolling


You have some very good music likes.


awsome stuff


Why thank you. No one usually likes my music.


Not to worry, I have a replacement


I like those singers too, that’s why, lol


This song best for Widowmaker:




I hope more people are involved in your own thread. People seemed to ignore you in mine.


yea, i was thinking about preety cool music game… but people are freaking lazy so i simplified it



I don’t know why but listening to 2ne1’s I Am The Best not only is such a fun song to play D.va to but ALSO fits her well personality wise owo (I listen to my music on shuffle tho its not rlly like a specific thing owo)


NinthFriend - my buddy is freaking out when he hears this, he literally loses controll… even when sober :smiley:


I Am The Best is literally such a hype song honestly :heart:


i also love this 2ne1 song (but after that voice-synt)


I miss 2ne1 :frowning: :sob:


I have this on when playing rein, i gues it fits somehow…