Multiple people complaining about server disconnects


I had my first server disconnect today and it just so happens a lot of people are complaining about that today. This has to be on the Blizzard server side or beyond the control of the players. Are we going to be rewarded our SR back?


The one thing we know is that you won’t get your sr back


I didnt lose any sr. Have you checked if you did?


I lost SR for the first disconnect, but not for leaving games after someone else disconnected. My concern is if this is going to count towards your total abandonment’s for the seasons?

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Hey folks we’re aware of an issue affecting Americas region for several games, we’re working on it now. Apologies for the hassle.


Will we be receiving our lost SR back for disconnecting?


Wouldn’t count on it


Lol na mate. They are not that generous


Why? Other companies do it. E.g. Ubisoft, 3 days ago. Quote: “and that they are still working out the details on MMR adjustments for those who played matches affected”

Blizzard certainly has the logs for it. So why wouldn’t they?


Now the lag is unbelievable… getting spikes of 10-12fps when my norm 99.99% of the time is 60fps. Unplayable at the moment.


Because they’ve never been known to refund sr in the past, I don’t expect them to steer now. I only lost 50sr, and I’m content to simply earn it back, but I refuse to put myself at further risk until I see an official statement that the issue has been resolved.


Because there is no way of restoring SR short of restoring a backup. And SR isn’t a score, it’s a rating, you haven’t really lost anything.


“Restoring” SR does come with its own set of problems. Sure if you get disconnected, lose 50SR and turn off the game not to play any more I guess it would be straightforward to just reverse the loss. However if you keep playing and climb back up where you were and keep climbing - maybe even to a new high - it’s not as straightforward any longer. In this case reversing the loss would actually push you higher up the ladder than you deserve in a sense.


So this is happening on the American servers, too now?

Watching to see what Blizzard does about it, hoping the fix comes here.

Had a 10 min suspension yesterday.


I didn’t either nor did I get a penalty


Lost my t500 because of it you animals >:(


There are never refunds.


The cool thing about that 50SR loss. You’re next few games you will get inflated SR until you get back to where you were. This is to thwart derankers.


You have no proof that server disconnects happened so that means it didn’t.


Lost 100 SR due to repeated disconnects with only Blizzard servers dropping, not my router/internet. I’m just here to complain about how both times I got back in and still received my 50 SR/temp ban, there’s got to be a smarter way than it is currently. I need somewhere to put this seething rage for being on the West Coast and having server problems.