Multiple Crashes - Different Scenarios

So last night I was in a game as Widowmaker, as the round was about to start I used my grapple onto a ledge and the game crashed. Said I had a “Driver has stopped working” error. Thought nothing of it as I opened multiple other games and everything worked fine. Clicked Play for Overwatch and instant crash, it’s happened while loading into skirmishes, sitting in the main menu, happened while using hero abilities. Never had this issue before and all other games work perfectly fine, such as WoW, HoTS, Dead by Daylight, Paladins…All work fine with 0 issues or crashing.

So far I’ve updated my Nvidia Drivers to the latest for BFA, performed a Scan and Repair, restarted my computer, cleared bnet cache. Unsure what else to do.


That is the last report I got.

Have you checked the known issues thread? Perhaps one of the fixes will help. If not, reply back and we can continue troubleshooting.

I don’t have a AMD CPU I have a Intel

Constantly Losing Connection To Game Servers still i have really good wifi and it is still doing it please help