MrBahoma - Black Screen on Startup

Hey Nicole,

I am having similar issues to Egg. I’ve started up Overwatch 5 times and each time, the game makes my screens go black and I have to manually shut down the PC to restart. I’ve updated my video drivers and deleted the cache files as well as reinstalling BattleNet and Overwatch. My DxDiag should be attached. Please let me know if you can help in any way! Thanks!

Please take note of the date when bumping a thread, as the one you replied to is over a year old. You should always start a new thread with your information.

Your issue sounds like the Chroma one discussed in the stickies:

If you still need help, can you post the dxdiag on a public site like, instead of a private file sharing service like Google Docs? Thank you.

Thanks for the response. I went through the post and tried all the Chroma options as well as updating my BIOS on top of all the other things I mentioned before. Turns out that my graphics card had become slightly disconnected over the last few months and for some reason Overwatch was causing that to be exacerbated. I started to get black screens on PC start up today so I reconnected my graphics card and my black screen issues have been fixed.

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